New ‘JB2’ PS3 Mod Chip Surfaces

According to an article on Digital Foundry (over at the sparkly new Eurogamer) another PlayStation 3 jailbreak mod has surfaced.  Named ‘JB2’, this new variant of the old PSJailbreak (remember that?) is a USB dongle and takes control of the console upon boot, effectively turning the machine into a test kit, capable of playing unsigned code.

The difference here is that the latest (post 3.60) games can’t be played from the hard drive – they need to be burned onto Blu-rays – not that that’s going to really stop pirates.


“According to sources,” says the article, “the dongle has undergone a small launch in Indonesia ahead of a global roll-out, with a small range of pirate games including titles like PES 2012, Driver: San Francisco, God of War Collection Volume II and FIFA 12 being made available.”

We’re assuming that the PlayStation Network, which requires the very latest firmware update (which doesn’t allow this new dongle to function), will remain off limits – at least for now.  It’s been around six months since the PS3 was successfully locked down to pirated software, so it must be a real kicker for Sony to face yet another round of copied games.



  1. and yet another round of features removed because of sony’s paranoia.

    isn’t it illegal to even sell those things here now?

  2. The fact that you need the latest firmware to connect is (hopefully) always going to keep these mods to limited popularity. I certainly couldn’t be doing with not being able to go online. If nothing else, that would put me off anyway.

    • i agree you would generally be better off with the 360 (assuming its still as easy to hack) due to the low cost and smaller games. I hope sony has a way of disabling test mode or something though to block this rather than another game of cat and mouse with firmware updates that only causes their loyal customers frustration due to lack of new features.

    • even if you forget about all the legal side of pirated games and how its bad for the industry, i’d still rather pay more for online modes and use of the PSN. hopefully none of these mods/hacks will ever make it online.

      • Well online passes will stop most pirated games going online anyway.

  3. Oh God, not this crap again.
    Time to stop plugging out the PS3 again, so autodownload can do it’s job. :(

  4. It amazes me the lengths people go to to get pirated games, its easy to find older & even recent releases for under a tenner if you shop around

  5. For feck sake. Don’t these pirates know that if they keep it up, then they will ruin it for us all? I don’t want to see PC style DRM on the console in an attempt to combat piracy. :-/

    I suspect if Sony blocks this then we may see them hacking into PSN again. :S

    I swear if i see a single person using hacks online, i won’t be happy and will have an angry cup of tea. As i’m not the best of players online and i despise cheating barstewards.

    • I don’t think it crosses their mind, and if it did, they clearly don’t care. sadly.

  6. Persistent bastards uh?!

  7. So they have to buy a dongle, a Blu-ray burner and expensive Blu-Ray, sometimes dual-layer discs, to play the latest games, as well as hammering their internet connections to play it?

    Would be easier to just buy it…

    • Dongle – £60, blu-ray burner – got already, discs – £1.00 each
      Not really that expansive when you can buy the lot new for less than 3 AAA titles.

      There is also another one in the works, one that allows upgrading and downgrading. It installes in the (SLIM) HDD slot, the HDD then sits externally.
      Phats get a wired mod-chip

      • very pathetic way to enjoy gaming.

      • Couldn’t agree more TBH. It’s a lot of fuss just to play pirated games offline.
        My argument though is thats it’s not too expensive to do.

      • Of course you can’t play ANY of those games online, and need to find a console still stuck on 3.55, and never upgrade it.

        In reality nobody will be using this modechip…. Piracy will still be the lowest of any system by a very big margin, which isn’t really pointed out by the sensationlist headlines.

  8. I just love how people are still doing this stuff.

    i get that it is a challenge but is it really worth doing? sony (after they get through this ordeal, assuming it turns into an ordeal) are just going to go back to business.
    if your trying to harm sony (which some of these hackers have intended to do) your not going to, beside give them a slight jolt.

    and if you are so desperate to play games for free (free being fairly loose with this process) why dont you just find a legal alternative?
    sure jobs are hard to come by nowadays but they at least exist and will probably not get you in any legal trouble.

    i will always admire hackers because i like how they can alter devices (and have admired them since i was a child) and make them seem newer or older depending on skill and desire but i dont like these hackers because their a threat.

    if you want to hack a game so that you can add dragons or nudity then fine, cool, good for you you’ve got skill but if you want to hack a system just to play a few choice free games? then i dont get why you have to go to such lengths.

    this is not a positive hack like removing a region lock, this is stealing.
    plain and simple.

    i agree that some things should be free, but not huge AAA titles which have taken months and countless hours to make.
    the world is on the edge right now and we dont need people like this poisoning it anymore.

    i remember when pirates were cool :(

    • When they had peglegs, beards & eyepatches?

    • Blackbeard would be do ashamed….

  9. 1. Requires the old 3.55 firmware
    2. The old 3.55 can’t be used online
    3. New PS3’s (CECH 30xx models) can’t be downgraded

    Sure it’s not great for Sony, but there really isn’t a lot new here and it’s pretty limited.

  10. Well there is a simple solution – make games more affordable. I believe that if the price is right people will buy more new games. And make digital games even more cheaper. you think Sony is reading these posts? I think they should.

    • Price is a weak argument, after all people still jailbreak iphones so they don’t have to pay a whopping 69p for games. I think some people wouldn’t pay whatever the price.

    • You don’t have to wait long for a game to come right down in price, I bought Deus Ex the other day for £16 brand new. So if your patient you can game on the cheap.

      Piracy is about greed and entitlement. People wanting every game and wanting it straight away. Its not about a game being £50 when it should be £25. If new game were a £5 on release there would still be Piracy.

      Greed, end of.

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