Metal Gear Online Receives Update

Konami have today announced that Metal Gear Online has been patched with a slew of updated features, including better network stability and new background tracks from other games in the series.


Other changes include: Specification Changes Drebin Points for weapons have been adjusted. Weapon parameters have been adjusted. Skill parameters have been adjusted. Skills for Unique Characters have been adjusted. Player Character movement has been increased overall. Idle Kicks have been implemented for Auto Matching.

It’s also worth noting that players can now purchase MGO goods (including the three expansions) using money from their PSN wallets, though there is still no option to directly buy and download them via the PSN store.

For those who know little about the game, Metal Gear Online is the multiplayer component of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots which were both included on the same disc.

Source: Press Release



  1. Including better network stability.. Perhaps I should try it out once more. I liked the concept, but the lag was bugging me.

  2. it played well, but having to have another username and password was a bit of a hassle

  3. I really liked the game though it was infested with elite players who could crank out headshots like there was no tomorrow.

  4. Im very suprised people are still playing this. I enjoyed what I tried of it, like Jim said, elite players cranking out headshots spoiled it. Im yet to finish the single player – Doh!

  5. When i had this i really enjoyed the online, but the updates for the online were agony, lol

  6. Might give it a shot for once :)

  7. I still find it weird that you can’t just load up the game and play online straight away.

    • Oh yeh, thats why I never played it before. It was a bloody nightmare to set up.

  8. Coolio! Will have to spread the word :-)

  9. Awesome looks like I have to notify 3 of mt friends whom we are in a clan for MSO only that game. I loved sneak them up and knock them out.
    The lags were a pain back then.

  10. If they update it so i can use my PSN log in rather than the stupid Konami one, then i would play this. As it stands, i have never given the full game a go due to not being able to remember my online id and password from the beta trial.

    Shame cos i love the series and i know lots of people who would play this if you could use your PSN id

    • Likewise, I got as far as it asking me to sign up for a Konami log in then started doing the slowest update in the world. Turned it off, never played it since.

      • oh yeah i remember that now, no matter which option i picked it would do nothing for an hour and then i would turn it off! Was that their servers? I had a terrible connection from sky before but i am on 50mb virgin now. Still not trying it until they bin the konami id – BTW i dont think you need that in PES?!

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