Killzone 3 Players Notch Up 62 Million Kills In A Week

You bloodthirsty bunch of blighters! In one week PS3 owners playing the Killzone 3 beta have managed to notch up 62 million kills. This is the result of over half a million players taking part in 400,000 matches. Killzone 3 developer, Guerrilla, had the following to say:

“Your dedication to the cause hasn’t gone unnoticed over at developer Guerrilla Games. Far from it: the team has been working around the clock to analyse and act upon your feedback.”

It seems many tweaks and adjustments have been made; from connection issues to ‘Vulgarity filter’ – which sounds funny and made me smile. A patch for the beta is now live which should incorporate some of these changes.


How are you finding it so far?

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Last night i downloaded and played the single player demo, i found it amazing, the multiplayer beta is also great, cant wait for this game!

    • Crawfail is already enjoying Killzone 4 beta so there’s even more great stuff to look forward to.

    • Killzone 4?? this is a mistake right?

      • Crawfail put Killzone 4 in the title instead of Killzone 3.

  2. About 2 of them were mine.

    • about one million of them were mine :(

  3. I’ve not managed to find a single working game yet! Will see if the patch has helped things out.

    • The connection was great, actually I hope the final game is at the same level

      • I had no issues at all using the US servers though i’ve heard the EU ones are dodgy at the best of times.

  4. its a good game

  5. Multiplayer is excellent, loving every second, i found playing during prime time helps not sure why but most liklely they’re not tweeking the servers n etc. I pre-ordered this game a month ago and it’s the best choice i’ve ever made for a game freaking awesome!!!!

  6. I played the Beta a lot but would never download the story demo. I want to experince the whole game on 25th.

  7. Murderers and Thugs that what you lot are…!

  8. I know half a million is a lot, but I would have expected more for some reason!

  9. Played the single player last night and loved it. I did the first 2 goes with the Move. It takes some getting used to. And I did find it a bit flaky. I found my crosshairs getting stuck on one side of the screen spinning me round until I shook the controller and got me back to centre.

  10. Cool – reet game KZ!

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