Killzone 3 Trophies Revealed

Are you the type that likes to farm those trophies? If so, then you’ll likely be interested in seeing the newest list that just hit the web. They’re for Killzone 3 and they’re all looking very obtainable. We’re certainly not saying it’s a guaranteed platinum (campaign on elite is sure to be tough) but most of these look like trophies that you’ll probably accrue just by playing the game.

Below you’ll find the 31 trophies that we know, plus there are also 20 other hidden trophies (which we assume are campaign related) that we can’t see yet.


Bronze Trophies

  • Ready for Battle – Complete weapons training in Prologue
  • In Your Face – First Brutal Melee
  • No Witnesses – Destroy all dropships in Broken Highway
  • Mopping Up – Kill 40 or more Helghast foot soldiers in Senlin Beach
  • Sawn Off – Destroy all chasing APCs in Senlin Beach
  • Smoking Wrecks – Destroy all tanks in Senlin Beach
  • Turn the Tables – Kill a Capture Trooper using melee
  • Spiky Personality – Kill a Helghast by shooting a Burster Plant in Jungle Valley
  • Minigunned – Destroy all targets while on the Intruder in Frozen Shores
  • Quick Exit – Escape the oil rig quickly in Frozen Shores
  • Shattered – Destroy all glass in the labs in Stahl Arms South
  • Pinpoint – Kill the Heavy with an StA-14 in Blind Yards
  • Evening the Odds – Kill 500 Helghast
  • Cagefighter – Kill 10 Helghast using Brutal Melee
  • Frag Out – Kill 3 Helghast with 1 Frag Grenade
  • One Each – Kill 3 Helghast with the Shotgun Pistol – no reloads
  • Eagle Eye – Every Sniper Rifle bullet is a kill – no reloads
  • Power Spike – Nail a Helghast to an exploding object
  • Up Close & Personal – Brutal Melee another player
  • Team Player – Play a match as a part of a squad
  • Medic! – Revive another player
  • Handy Man – Repair an object
  • Now You See Me – Kill using Cloak
  • Spy Game – Kill using Disguise
  • Turf War – Capture a Tactical Spawn Point

Silver Trophies

  • Now it’s Personal – Kill 1,000 Helghast
  • Fight to the Last – Kill 1,500 Helghast
  • Close Quarters Killer – Kill 25 Helghast with Brutal Melee
  • Hand to Hand Master – Kill 50 Helghast with Brutal Melee

Gold Trophies

  • Victory – Complete Campaign on Elite
  • Grand Slam – Win a match in 3 multiplayer modes

Source: US PlayStation Blog

[Update]: If you would like to see the secret trophies, they’re available in the forums here. **Warning** Secret trophies may contain plot spoilers.



  1. Is this the same list which has been on the forum for a while?
    Nice list though, no boring grinds.

    • Heh, you’re right it is.

      • Thanks for the list here anyways :)
        I tried not to look at the trophies as i don’t want to know ANYTHING about the campaign, so its a nice surprise on the 24th Feb

  2. Killzone 2 was quite a slog and quite difficult to Platinum. These trophies seem easier. which is a good thing as it makes the trophies more accessible to the casual gamer….whatever that is

  3. Kill 1, kill 3, kill 10, kill 1,000, kill 1,500 amongst the good one

    btw loved the SP demo, seems a completely different game to the MP which I disliked immensely during the limited amount of time I played it

    • Stick with it. I hated the MP beta at first too, but I put more time in to it hoping I would come around, and I did.

      That said, it’s not for everybody.

      • i loved the SP and MP but i do hate how i feel the weight has gone tbh if i wanted to play cod id play cod still i love killzone and im sure ill get round to loving it

  4. I would’ve had the darn KZ2 platinum if it wasn’t for my badly timed YLOD. This one is mine though! (as long as I don’t get another badly timed YLOD!)

    • That really would be unfortunate

  5. Piece of cake, atleast by the looks of it.

  6. These look as if I could get platinum number 3 if I can find the time and patience to get through the campain on elite mode.

  7. The 20 unknown ones are sure to be the bas….

    • there in the forum if you want a peak. the demo of SP in KZ3 was great as well.

  8. How does Elite mode on Killzone(s) compare to Veteran on COD(s)?

    • Well KZ2 was a lot harder than COD 5 & 6. I gave up on the final level of Killzone 2 as my sanity was not worth the gold trophy. COD is fairly challenging overall with a few annoying bits thrown in too

      • I felt the same way with [email protected] but managed to prevail against the grenade spamming nazis, and got the plat.

        I have got the plat on all COD’s to date, but struggled my way through KZ2 on normal mainly because I didnt really enjoy it. Hopefully this one will be more enjoyable and won’t be too much of a chore.

  9. Glad to see the plat is a little bit more obtainable this time around. Killzone 2’s list was decent but some of the online ones were strictly for the most hardcore of players, a category I unfortunately don’t fit into ;)
    Fingers crossed the Elite trophy is obtainable in co-op as I can imagine the game being hard as nails on solo (if KZ2 is anything to go by!)

  10. I couldn’t get KZ2 Platinum due to all those excessive-time-consuming multiplayer trophies, hope such thing doesn’t show up in KZ3 (considering the 20 hidden ones). Elite mode is so punishing that makes you wanna smash your controller against yout TV – but once you’re done it’s very rewarding.

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