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New Family Guy Game This Year

Amongst all the doom and gloom of yesterday’s Activision news shines a ray of light. 2011 will not only see a new game based on the fantastic ‘Family Guy’ animation, but Spider-Man and Transformers will also be making an appearance.

Activision Publishing boss, Eric Hirshberg, had the following to say:

“This year, we plan to release two movie-based titles. An all-new X-Men game, tied to the feature film X-Men: First Class, and Transformers 3, which will coincide with Michael Bay’s blockbuster movie release.

Also, this year, we plan to launch games based on the best-selling Spider-Man franchise, the toy phenomenon Bakugan, hit TV shows Wipeout and Family Guy, as well as the latest release in the long-standing Cabela’s Hunting franchise.

These are all strong franchises with passionate niche audiences that can achieve repeatable and profitable success.”

Giggity giggity goo!

Source: Press Release


  1. “These are all strong franchises with passionate niche audiences that can achieve repeatable and profitable success.”

    Sod making great games. Let’s just cash in on things. Gah! *storms off*

    • As soon as I read the headline I just knew your name would pop up first in the comments section. :D

  2. I wonder what form a family guy game would take? Would it be akin to some of the simpsons games we have seen or a bit more mature? It’s impossible to tell really!

    • family guy? mature? don’t be silly ;)

  3. By ‘mature’ I assume you mean the definition of mature that games developers seem to have – Swearing and boobs. The kind of mature that actually only appeals to quite immature gamers.

    • By mature I meant that the audience that the target audience of Family guy material is older than that of The simpsons which is a family show. So would the game reflect this or would we see the bubblegum games like the Simpsons.

      • The Simpsons show is infinitely more mature than a Family Guy show which started out crass and funny, and is now just plain crass.
        Just because something is watched by a family doesn’t make it not mature.
        Case in point:
        The Lion King/ Toy Story/ Up/ Any other Disney movie v. Jackass or Saw.
        Which is more mature? Which one is family orientated?

      • *Sigh* Again I’m not saying mature in the traditional sense, I’m talking about the target audience. The simpsons is for everyone, children and adults alike. Family guy is solely aimed at adults, a more mature audence in terms of age, not in terms of content or what you personally percieve to be mature humour.

      • We get what you mean!
        The point I was making is that the word ‘mature’ often implies a more grown up and intelligent type of humour that younger people wouldn’t understand or appreciate, Family Guy is certainly not that.
        Mature in the context of Family Guy just means swearing and content not suitable for children.

        Games that are described as being ‘for mature audiences’ often actually end up being very immature but filled with boobs, swearing or excessive violence.

      • I Understand your point 3shirts! My second reply was in reference to Colmsham’s post about the Simpson’s being more mature than family guy. In effect that’s not how I wanted my post to sound. I’m not judging the content of either franchise, I actually like both. I just wanted to make that distinction is all.

    • something wrong with being immature?
      bleh. :)

      • I agree,
        family guy is a very funny immature look at life and doesnt pull punches when it comes to its content.
        i think a family guy game could be great for those of us who appreciate the homour and dont take each joke as a personal insult.

        But making a game of a tv show that people love is hard to do, and if its not done right then they could epically fail.

        i think where the simpsons game went wrong is that there target audience was of the underage variety and could have done so much more by making it appeal to all (imo)

  4. My prediction?
    The first part of the game will be quite funny but after that it will descend into repetition, copying other games but trying to pass it off as pastiche and eventually rolling out tired internet memes until nobody is playing it any more

  5. No thanks.
    If The Simpsons couldn’t pull it off, there’s no way Family Guy can.
    Spider-man is interesting, although I reckon they should just do Spider-man 2: HD and be done with it.
    What title could they give a Wipeout game without infringing on copyright?

    • The Simpsons slightly did with what EA done… but Family Guy won’t IMO the series is to flawed for yet another game.

    • Simpsons Hit and Run was great!

      • huh? did EA do Hit & Run? that was classic

    • The Wipeout game is based on the TV show, not Sony’s Wipeout. Hope that helps! =]

      • yeah but they’re the same name… unless it was to be named Total Wipeout, won’t sell anyway its sure to be crap.

  6. Has everyone somehow forgotten how godawful the PS2/PSP/Xbox Family Guy game was?
    Why’re they doing this again when FG seems to have jumped the shark anyway?

  7. I really hope the Family Guy game will be a pleasant surprise, and I actually don’t think it’s completely impossible.

    A WipeOut game could in theory be awesome, but definately won’t.

    • I can only see Total Wipeout being a PSN game… but a map editor would be insane… theres a lot of potential so I hope Activision avoid having to release a bad game.

  8. Oh wonderful more great games……

    • Wrong article?

      • is it the wrong article? unbelieveable…

  9. Yay, a new Cabela!! Halo 4 indirectly confirmed I tell ya!
    The thing is, the 3 latest Cabela games have launched on the exact same date as the 3 latest Halo games, I think. Anyone who has been following Mega64 should know about this ;)
    (If you haven’t, head over to Youtube and watch a few vids, it’s brilliant)

  10. Every single title in the list makes me sad. Movie tie-ins are rarely good and tie-ins to sequels of sequels are unlikely to beat the trend!
    As for the tv-show tie-ins? If they aren’t Wii-based shovelware I’ll eat my hat, gloves AND coat.

    • I agree. This, after the news that they have canned True Crime, which, even though they thought it was “rubbish”, seemed much more promising than anything here. Activision is clearly just taking a trip on the money train again. Not that, that should be a surprise to anyone by now!

      • The sad thing is, with the money they rake in from COD, you’d think they’d invest in more original IP. That quote basically admits to wanting to make low-cost low-risk cash-ins

      • Of course, and why not? For a company such as Activision is low risk, low investment for potentially high gain. From that perspective it makes perfect sense. It still sucks that there is money that could be invested in some new, and possibly better IPs than what we will eventually get. But it makes sense. It’s all part of this lazy developer-publisher culture we have seen an increase of in this generation, it works, it’s easy, it’s profitable. Why go out of your way unless you have to?

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