Final Fantasy I & II Coming Soon To PSN

Square Enix Europe just announced that Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II will be released on the PlayStation Network for £7.99. The first game in the series will hit the PSN on February 16th, while the sequel will become available on March 2nd. There was no mention of a North American release.

Square Enix also revealed that Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Final Fantasy will include a voucher that offers 50% off the purchase of Final Fantasy. A similar voucher for Final Fantasy II will be included with purchases of The 3rd Birthday. It should be noted that the discounts will only be applied if the games are purchased through the PSN.


The versions of Final Fantasy I and II coming to the PSN are the PSP ports Square Enix released a few years ago. The games includes enhanced visuals, new dungeons, and an art gallery mode. Unfortunately, this means that the games will not be playable on the PS3.

Source: Press Release



  1. I used to own these on my first PSP and they were a pretty good fit for the portable. Not sure that price is a great start though, not so long after release :-/

  2. Good news but slightly expensive. Next I’d like FFIII playable on PS3 please (which I’d happily pay £7.99p for).

  3. aww… I really want an old school final fantasy game on ps3… Make it happen sony.

    • it’s a shame that SE hasn’t released the classic games on the PSN yet. The ones from the Final Fantasy Anthology for instance. I know Japan has both the PSone versions. It shouldn’t be an issue for Square to release 1 and 2 as separate products. MonkeyPaw did for the Arc the Lad collection and that was sold as a single product as well.

  4. …ive still got the PSP versions…and the PSone versions…

    • Yeah, me too. I can’t have ALL versions there is to have :)

  5. I wish Square Enix would release the newer games on PSN like the Tactics Ogre remaked.

  6. From the first sentence I thought it was going to be £7.99 for both, but then on reading the rest I realised it will be £7.99 each, which is just too much.

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