Crysis 2 Leaked, Fully Playable

According to Kotaku, the PC version of Crysis 2 has been leaked online, or at least a development version, despite not being due for release for over a month yet.

The news first surfaced here, with the version of the game fifty days early but apparently still fully playable from start to finish and including the multiplayer portion.


EA responded with the following:

Crytek has been alerted that an early incomplete, unfinished build of Crysis 2 has appeared on Torrent sites. Crytek and EA are deeply disappointed by the news.

We encourage fans to support the game and the development team by waiting and purchasing the final, polished game on March 22.

They also reiterated the fact that piracy is “continuing to damage the PC market” and confirmed that the game is still in development.

It’s not clear who leaked this particular version, but we’re wondering how they sleep at night.



  1. smugly probably, shame this has happened and since it it soo early this will hurt sales. I personally don’t expect it to do very well

    • Yep this will hurt sales big time…and PC users wonder why they get left out in the cold this gen?!?!

      • Hurt sales?? well the first Crysis also leaked and that did really well.

        And since the reports were that this was a developer version of the game and early build it seems like crytek leaked this on purpose.

      • I will be suprised if there is a big sale loss!
        I could download the unfinished version in less than a couple of hours. Normally I would!

        But who want’s a half finished copy of this game!
        We insist half the games look better on pc so why would anyone with a pc not buy the full game when released in all its glory.

        Anyone who downloads crysis leaked version is having a nose (demo).

  2. i predict this will precede a wave of disappointed outcries in the forums, complaining how the game does not live up to it’s hype, and how the console versions have dragged down the PC game.

    • Actually the response have been very good

  3. Those pesky PC gamers…there’s always 1 though!

    • and about 1,000’s that download it!

  4. Must be an inside job, and I can’t see someone who’s worked so hard on developing a game going ahead and giving it out for free. How do these things get leaked?

    • Maybe it was a pissed off employee.

    • I thought the same thing. Why go behind the mans back who pays your checks? That employee must have a grudge against Crytec.

  5. Must be heartbreaking for the developers. They spend years making a game only for it to be released on the internet for free…..and only a month before release..

    • Such a shame, I like Crytek, especially after they saved Free Radical. Hopefully it’ll still do well, there’s probably still not too many people who have PCs capable of playing Crysis 2 aswell as a PS3/360 could.

  6. Sabotage isn’t it? All the flaws will be circulated, affecting day 1 sales and potentially losing lots of money. Assuming it is flawed, could be some sort of protest by an employee against day 1 patching culture?

    • That could be true about day 1 patching, and if so, I’m glad he’s done it.

  7. Wasn’t the first Crysis one of the most pirated games ever?

  8. This won’t harm sales any more than people just pirating it on release. It was bound to happen, my mate at uni has had a few unreleased games, and if he couldn’t find them, he just waited until someone cracked the retail version.

    • But what about the people who are big Crysis fans who would have bought it on console or possible PC and will now download it for free?

      • I would expect they would have downloaded it for free on release! If you are that way inclined, why bother paying at all.

  9. Gutted for the devs as this is their baby and they want it released in the proper manner. Will it affect sales hugely? Who’s to say.

  10. Just got it now, pretty disappointed really, The graphics have been toned down from warhead and the gameplay is very similar, BUT I’ve been playing on dx9, once the full version comes out I expect it to be more polished and I want dx11 :)

    • So you’ve just downloaded it illegally? Such a shame it’s been leaked early. If only there was a demo available to prevent people doing this.

      • Yep, Serves crytek right for screwing us pc gamers and choosing sides with xbox

      • You’re justifying your actions on a perceived injustice, because of some over-developed sense of entitlement?

        Seriously, WTF dude?

      • What sort of fucking pathetic reply is that? Sorry matey but that’s atrocious thinking! The Crysis titles were so heavily pirated on the PC it started becoming a platform they could no longer remain exclusive on. With that in mind, Crytek (along with scores of other developers) realised they’d need to source their income from elsewhere. Not exclusively but titles now need to be multiplatform. This is the precise reason why Crysis 2 is coming out on the 360, PS3 and PC. The piracy is just too rife on the PC to make it a justifiable exclusive to that platform alone.

      • We deserved the beta/demo’s first, then all the screenshots were all console screenshots, no pc screenshots, we have had hardly any news on the pc version. This beta is our demo of the game.

        Yeah piracy is a different matter, I rarely pirate games, When the game comes out I’ll still buy it on PC & PS3. Half Life 2 was leaked a month before release yet they managed to sell 1.7 million copies. Leaks can boost sales or lose sales, It depends on how the devs put their side of the story, If crytek say that there is loads of polish and tweaks still needed for the final build then that would make people want to purchase the final product.

      • Why did you “deserve” the demo/beta first? Surely it makes sense to release the demo/beta for consoles first, seeing as it is new territory for the franchise and it will most likely be where most of the sales come from.

        As for screenshots then once again due to the franchise’s reputation for amazing graphics most people will be interested to see how it manages to do on consoles. Though of course, people will want to see if the PC version is better than the original on PC, I still think the majority are more interested in how well it mananges to do on consoles.

      • We deserve it because we have had hardly any info or screenshots so at least they would give us a demo of some sort. Surely they could have released beta’s for PC/PS3/360 simultaneously instead of staying exclusive to one platform.

        Yeah people want to see the graphics of the consoles but if you look at the cfg files of the 360/ps3 then they both play the game at medium settings.

      • You don’t deserve anything, other than getting what you pay for.

        Your sense of entitlement is bewildering, if a company does business with another company, so what?

        Committing unlawful activities isn’t great, but to do so in a way that damages the industry we know & love is unforgivable. There is no justification whatsoever for doing it.

        Taking my TSA hat off for a second, I personally hope your torrent was watched and you are fined & prosecuted to the fullest extent.

      • This is getting a little heated but cc has a valid point

        What use would it be to release PC screenshots? they can easily be taken from an i7, multi GPU system with boatloads of RAM, so they wouldn’t be representative of what the vast majority of players will experience.

        The multiplayer demo on 360 last month was the best thing that could have happened for PC,PS3 and 360 gamers, why you may ask?
        The demo (as you could tell by it’s file title) was the same code from last years private beta, nowhere near the finished product, they just wanted to stress test servers and gather feedback.
        They did this without wasting valuable development time in creating new demos for 3 different platforms.
        And then moan moan from PC players forced them to make PC demo, which could potentially have harmed the game and/or caused the need for a release day patch.
        I have respected Crytek for their production values and still do.

      • What? Did I just read that right? You justified your illegal downloads?! That is truly unbelievable. AND on a gaming website. “Pretty disappointed”? Burn in hell.

      • * meant to put “You will burn in hell” :)
        Unbelievable. Your comments are ridiculous. “I rarely pirate games”

      • Just a word of warning: Downloading and using software you know to be pirated is illegal. Regardless of how you imagine you can justify that breaking of the law, it /is/ breaking the law and TSA condemns any criminal activity. We strongly suggest that you refrain from openly talking about your criminal activity in a public place.

      • I hope TSA pass your IP to EA/Crytek.. Darwinism at its finest

      • This exactly what I was talking about on the podcast, whiny PC fanboys with a hugely inflated sense of entitlement. You broke the law, you stole from a hardworking dev team and you think you are f**king entitled to do so, just because Crytek want to show off the hard work they have put in to get this game running on consoles? You make me sick. You really do. You PC fanboys are worse than any Xbox or Playstation fanboy out there. F**k you. Sincerely.

      • I am still going to BUY the game end at the end of the day, and yes I do have an i7 rig with a 5850 so screenshots at that level would be enough.
        Yeah “burn in hell”, I only downloaded it to test the game out, There are still many textures missing.
        And lemme reiterate the fact that “I AM STILL GOING TO BUY THE FULL GAME”

    • Edit – let’s try to avoid personal insults, however accurate ;) ~cb

      • I’m sorry CB, it’s just annoying when people think they are entitled to something that they do not deserve.

    • Oh, right then. That’s ok. Case closed everyone, he’s going to buy the game when it actually releases. That makes illegally downloading it fine. What? You only illegally downloaded it to test it out? Oh, well that sorts that out too then does it?

      • If they had released a demo then that would have sufficed, I downloaded it to get a taste of the game and it’s very similar to warhead.

      • But you can’t do that, if you are the Crysis fan you make out to be you would have bought the game with or without a demo. If you really wanted to get an opinion on the game you could have done it without breaking the law or betraying the developers, in a few weeks, you could have read the reviews, that’s what most people do to get an assessment of a game, they don’t download the thing from the internet and try to fight for moral high ground by arguing that they’re going to buy it later.

      • I understand your point, But there is nothing better than trying it out first hand, If I could give crytek feedback I would, That’s what beta’s are there for, to test it out and get feedback.

      • Actually to be fair here, if he is buying the game anyway what’s the harm using it as a demo? Sure it is illegal, but morally he isn’t depriving anyone of a pay check. I think people are being a bit harsh here.

      • Ok, say if he downloaded it through a torrent site, while it was downloading he would have been seeding it, making it easier for others to download who aren’t going to pay it later. Even by stating that he has downloaded it and it works, he’s advertising people to go and do it.

    • Where’s your precious MoUsE aNd KeYbOaRd!!111!!! now!? HAHAHAHAHA! God I hate PC fanboys

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