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DC Universe Cannot Be Resold

Sony has released a statement confirming that the DC Universe Online account is locked to the original disc. If you buy a second hand copy and purchase a new subscription the game will not work.

“Once the PSN key has been consumed with a disk it cannot be resold/replayed with the second user adding a sub – only the original consumer can use that acct.” said Sony Online Entertainment, “Disk and account are one.”

A somewhat curious move because you have to pay a monthly subscription to play DC Universe Online – Sony would never be out of pocket even if the game was bought by another player.  

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  1. Not surprising, in fact i am amazed this counts as news!

    I think this will become industry standard over the next few years for majority of titles, at least for the major companies anyway.

    Fallout NV did the same on PC, if i didn’t have an internet connection i wopuldn’t even have been able to validate it and therefore could never have played it.

    Luckily the guy in the store (a nice indy one) mentioned it before i bought it, however somewhere like HMV probably wouldn’t mention it/know about it.

    • If that kind of thing did come to consoles, alot of offline players would be miffed

  2. Saw a pre-owned copy today … was going to buy, glad i didnt!

  3. I have to agree with some of the other folk on here, this is not a new move by Sony. Anyone remember Everquest Online Adventures for the PS2? Similar sort of deal if I recall. I believe the PS2 version of Final Fantasy 11, (Which was not available in Europe because you needed the HDD which was not released this side of the US) also had something of this ilk. It’s true of WoW as well I think, but I couldn’t confirm that as I’ve only ever played that free trial thingy.

    It is kind of sucky though. But it’s done for a reason I guess. I wonder what reason it is though..?

  4. wow sony fucked up… even if hackers irate the game they still pay….and where is free realms? I want it

  5. this sounds a lot like those godawful digital copy blu ray discs that could only be copied once to your pc and then lock itself out…why the hell bother

    plus they lost me at subscription, one of the many reasons I stopped playing the 360, you should not have to pay to play something you have already paid for, maybe they’ll learn from this for future games.

  6. so if your disc damaged or becomes unusable for any reason your only option would be to buy another brand new copy of the game?

    and if the disc is locked anyway once we use that code, why do we even need to have the disc in the ps3?
    all the data is installed on the ps3, we can’t then give the disc to somebody else to use, even if we could that other person would have to pay a sub to play anyway.

  7. Someone on the official forums has just recounted how he bought a new copy, and bought a subscription off the store before inserting the game for the first time so he could get the current offer.

    At no point was he asked to enter the 30 day voucher code, so this seems to prove that you *can* buy a used copy of the game as long as you buy a sub before attempting to install it.

    Linky McLinky: http://forums.station.sony.com/dcuops3/posts/list.m?start=0&topic_id=14447

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