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DC Universe Cannot Be Resold

Sony has released a statement confirming that the DC Universe Online account is locked to the original disc. If you buy a second hand copy and purchase a new subscription the game will not work.

“Once the PSN key has been consumed with a disk it cannot be resold/replayed with the second user adding a sub – only the original consumer can use that acct.” said Sony Online Entertainment, “Disk and account are one.”


A somewhat curious move because you have to pay a monthly subscription to play DC Universe Online – Sony would never be out of pocket even if the game was bought by another player.  

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  1. is this the start of disk-console locked games? Let’s hope not!

  2. Was going to rent it… I guess that’s out of the question.

    • You can still rent it, you just can’t use the 30 day trial you’d have to buy a subscription.

      • Once they key has been used it is locked to that PSN account, no one can use the game with or without a new key…

      • You can play the game without entering the 30 day key though by buying a subscription, and they haven’t given the key to people renting for obvious reasons, so you should be fine renting still. I’ve bought an ex-rental copy from LoveFilm which still has the code unused.

  3. What of there are 2 Ps3’s in your house, do you need two separate discs?
    If yes, then that is kinda awful =/

    • No you dont need two discs as I have the game and play it fine on both of my PS3’s

      • as long as you’ve got the same psn account on both, you can.

        not worth it if your second ps3 is connected to an sdtv though. :(

  4. Oops i already flogged mine to gamestation for 25 quid,did seem odd to me that the trade value was so high considering someone would then have to buy a sub,i guess their victim to their own trade in system with this one,well that and sonys odd stance on it.

  5. lucky me i was about to buy my friends copy of him

  6. This is news from last week and TSA is delivering it late, when you find the information out please post straight away not X days late.

    • Wow, lot of negativity towards Sony last few days and quite a lot also directed at this site by various people. I don’t get it. If you don’t like the site, don’t waste your time reading it and writing a response.

      • Aggreed. I’ve noticed a few of those post recently too. Maybe people they realise how the TSA runs, it’s not like we have to pay a subscription or anything!

        Just ignore them guys :)

  7. So it seems that the disc itself is the most expensive one month trial I’ve ever encountered. Good luck with that kind of strategy Sony, it will bite you back, you’ll see.

  8. The only way i would buy this game new is if it had come with a 3 month free subscription . Simple as that .

  9. I dont agree with what they’ve done but on the other hand, they’ve basically killed off the 2nd hand market for their game, which for them is a good thing in some aspects

    • “which for them is a good thing in some aspects”

      Not if people stop buying games and consoles all together!

      With the rip off tactics (imo) that are being employed by many gaming companys, the ps3 will be my last console (il revise that stance when the time comes/when they back peddle). I think online passes, one time codes and game keys are immoral when you are spending you hard earned cash (esspecially in this economy)on the hardware and the software (even pre owned).

      I dont condone, but i can see why pirates do what they do.

  10. locking off the game like this isn’t a huge deal for an mmo, but i don’t like the implications of the way this locking off seems to be working.

    so if the included code hasn’t been used, anybody can buy a sub and use that disc, right?
    yet if the code is used, that disc is then locked to that account, how does the ps3 or psn or whatever know that particular disc has had it’s code used?

    unless that recent rumour about sony including codes on the discs that can lock games to a single user is in fact true.

    and i think you know my views on that prospect.

    if this is a direction sony intend to go in, i can promise you, this will be the last sony console i ever buy.

    • I must say I hate to be dramatic, but if Sony do manage to stop second hand sales on their consoles, it will seriously put me off!

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