MS Shows Off Kinect/Windows Phone 7 Compatibility

Microsoft has released a trailer showing how Kinect could link up with Windows Phone 7 when it comes to gaming. Whilst the game shown was hardly groundbreaking, as the owner of a Windows Phone 7 I am excited by the possibilities. Of course, things like this have been tried before (PSP/PS3 link-up) and didn’t exactly set the world alight – so for now I’ll remain cautiously optimistic.

Source: YouTube



  1. So, a controller for the controllerless peripheral? It is inevitable is MS want people to take Kinect seriously, they need some form of interaction other than the ‘you are the controller’ bit. They need… Buttons!

  2. I note with bemusement that the coloured* and seated people* in this video we’re NOT the ones playing Kinect.

    I’ve never used any of the PSP/PS3 interoperability – with the exception of Remote Play, which is actually pretty cool.

    I’m still waiting for my PSP to act as a rear view mirror in GT5!!

    *before anyone accuses me of being inappropriate, both of these ‘challenges’ have been shown to be issues with Kinect – particularly leading up to launch.

  3. I like the way he gets owned by a couple of girls… mmmmmmmmmm

  4. Haha, that ‘lounge’ is so Microsoft. It’s beige, boring, featureless and looks more like a boardroom!

  5. Wow, so much cooler than the Kevin Butler ads

  6. Hang on a moment, Microsoft want a controller for Kinect? You are the conroller? Yeah, right.

  7. I saw this earlier today, it’s an interesting showcase of the possibilities of connecting handheld devices to a home console. We shouldn’t make fun of MS for this, ’cause soon sony will be doing the same thing with the xperia play…

    • Sigh… Like the article states; Sony HAS already done this with remote play, which is actually pretty cool and should be used more often.

      I predict the PSP2/PS3 compatibility will be awesome.

      • Exactly, the whole point of ridicule here is that Sony never had any illusins about this. Everyone, but MS it seems saw the flaw in Kinect. No buttons = limited gameplay options. They were adamant that you are the controller, here, the other two with the phone clearly aren’t. A blatant admission Kinect doesn’t work as well as MS thought it would, without help.

  8. This is NOT the future of gaming

  9. Kinect and Windows phone 7, a way to make you look even more of a douchebag than you already are…

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