Nintendo 3DS Selling For £157

It’s not often we do “retailer selling ‘X’ for ‘X’ amount” articles here at TSA, but this one is a right corker. Right now retail giant Tesco is allowing you to pre-order the Nintendo 3DS for £157. No, that’s not an error; a brand new 3DS for the price of a DSi XL. Tesco are also promising launch day delivery.


Let the price war commence!

Update 3: We’ve just been on the phone with Tesco’s customer service and they have indeed cancelled our order. It looks like Toys R Us is still the cheapest place to pre-order your 3DS then, by a few pennies.

Update 2: Eurogamer are now reporting that Tesco have said the deal was a mistake and they have contacted those customers who were affected and offered a full refund. As of this moment we have still not been notified of any issues with our order but that might just be a delay in the email delivery systems.

Update: Tesco’s website now carries a disclaimer exempting the 3DS from their 20% discount promotion on all (other) gaming stock but according to Eurogamer, their PR department says the deal is genuine. We’ll let you know if our pre-orders are cancelled by updating this story.

Source: Tesco



  1. Blimey. That does make it hella tempting

  2. Pre-ordered. Not gonna hold my breath though – Tesco direct have done this to me before and then reneged on the “deal” and cancelled the pre-order….. Hope not though!

  3. Pre-ordered mine for free launch day collection in-store

    Actually looking through the rest of their VAT free offer (20% discount) there are a few other good deals too on all sorts of accessories & games

    • Word of warning, they require immediate payment and are cancelling orders if there’s insufficient funds

      Also PSN cards are 20% off so only £16 & £40 for the £20 & £50 cards

      • Thanks for the heads-up on the PSN cards. I know of a few purchases coming soon and must top up my wallet. *tips hat*

      • So if someone paid the low price then tesco are obligated to give them that item, they can only cancel an order before the item is paid for so its great for anyone who spotted the error early and bought (so long as its paid for and not just ordered)

  4. Holly crap…. NGP give me a price so I can decide… not buying both… what to do…

    • I imagine the very earliest we would get an NGP price will be E3.

    • Why not go for the 3DS – You’ll be able to trade-it or sell it when the NGP comes out in early 2012

    • I’ll be getting both…. I don’t know if I could pull it off without trading in

  5. I’ll wait for the NGP thanks.

    • will be doing the same.

      • Seeing as the NGP isn’t out till sometime 2012 in the EU why do yourself out of a year’s gaming? At it’s most cynical this could be a subsidised way of subsidising the NGP

    • Same here, i’ll wait for NGP. Once you get the past the 3D novelty you’re looking at psp quality graphics with the same main issue regarding lack of dual sticks. For that alone NGP looks to be the real advancement in gaming on the move for me.

    • I’m doing the same if I can afford it. I’ve never been a big fan of Nintendo’s games.

    • That’s also my train, thanks!

  6. It’s a shame it’s only the blue console. Unfortunately I am fussy with things like this!

    • The blue looks quite nice when you see it in person. I would choose it over the black.

  7. I pre-ordered at ShopTo, but if this listing proves true, then I will switch to Tesco. Should give me a bit of extra money to get a game.

  8. Nintendo seem to refrain from altering their prices too so it may not be as low again for a long time. Tempting.

  9. i saw something that said tesco are taking 20% off all games and consoles, maybe this is part of that.
    anyway, that’s a much more reasonable price for a handheld.

  10. Please update the story the offer is no longer going and tesco is refunding all pre orders placed.

    • that’s what some places are inferring from a long-standing clause in the Tesco T&Cs. I just got proof of purchase through on mine so they are certainly not “refunding all orders placed” just yet. Whether they will ultimately honour this price is another matter, their disclaimers and T&C clauses give them wiggle room, their PR department says it’s a valid offer.
      We’ll see.

      • I hope your definitely getting it at that price, teach the buggers not to mess with consumers like that. Anyways good luck.

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