Poto & Cabenga Coming To iOS

Last year Honeyslug (Kahoots) produced a flash game called Poto & Cabenga in collaboration with exemplary artist, Richard Hogg as part of a competition hosted at last year’s GDC.


In the Gamma 4 contest, participants had to submit games which only used one button, and rightfully so, P&B was hailed as one of the six winners.

The game depicts a young adventurer and his steed who become separated after being ambushed by a mysterious beast. Using just one button to navigate both companions simultaneously, players must lead the two friends through a number of obstacles and reunite them.

This Thursday, you will be able to pick up an iOS-compatible version of Poto & Cabenga for the sweet price of £0.59. Expect to see our review go live in time for release.

And now for today’s dose of quirky trivia: P&B artist, Richard Hogg is in a band called Satan’s Cock. That is all.

Source: Press Release



  1. Ooo, cunning. One button but two actions with press AND release. Lovely and simple, though.

  2. This looks fun, if I had an Iphone I’d buy it fo’sho.

  3. Great idea. Love the style and colours too.

  4. *confuzzlement* – iDevices dont have a buttons (apart from the one get back to the menu screen).

    • on-screen buttons? unless a touchscreen is classed as a button, then they could get away with as many buttons as they can fit on!

    • The entire touch screen is the button. It also knows (obviously) that you’ve taken your finger/thumb off the screen which counts as the release.

      • No its not it’s a sheet of glass. Buttons are defined as “any small knob or disk pressed to activate an electric circuit, release a spring, or otherwise operate or open a machine, small door, toy, etc. ”

        Buttons move. Glass does not.

      • tuffclub, i just answered the phone, its for you. ITS THE PEDANTIC POLICE!

      • *grin* Sorry one of my pet hates, stupid bloody on screen joypads. Imagine playing Daley Thompsosn Decathalon on an Ipad, your fingers would be mushed to bloody stumps in minutes.

  5. Reminds me of this flash game..


  6. Looks like it could get very tricky as the game goes on.

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