Review: Poto & Cabenga

Developed by Honeyslug, creators of the addictive puzzler, Kahoots, Poto & Cabenga was originally a flash game, being one of six winners in last year’s Gamma 4 competition in which entries could only have a single-button control scheme. The game has finally been ported to the iOS, and though there isn’t much in the way of variation, it’s incredibly unique, artsy, and ideal for short bursts of play.

Poto & Cabenga charts the brief adventure of a young traveller and his steed who begin to trek through the desert when they are ambushed by a mysterious, dragon-like beast. Gobbling up Poto, the winged menace takes to the skies, separating the two companions, who must work in tandem in order to be reunited once more.


unique, artsy, and ideal for short bursts of play

The first thing you will notice is that the game-screen is split horizontally, with Poto occupying the top half, and Cabenga on the bottom. Pressing down on the iDevice will cause Poto to jump, with Cabenga doing the same when you release. Using this one-button gameplay model, players must leap and duck to avoid enemies on both screens whilst also gaining points by collecting golden feathers or squashing certain beasts. Despite how simple the control scheme appears, it really takes some getting used to, and it’s likely you will find yourself cursing the game during your first few attempts. Poto & Cabenga offers two play modes, though the difference slim, with Original mode offering a pixel-by-pixel copy of 2010’s flash game, whereas Neverending mode allows players to progress past the “finish post” and extend their scores even further.

The highlight of Poto & Cabenga has to be the quirky yet calming artstyle. British illustrator, Richard Hogg has created a vivid world of both contrasting and harmonising colours, the result being something which looks similar to Sony’s Patapon yet feels more endearing. The music also follows suit, and despite being fairly high-tempo, it works perfectly.


  • Intuitive, challenging gameplay
  • Fantastic artwork and music


  • Limited variety compared to similarly priced games such as Cut the Rope, Kahoots etc.

Overall, Poto & Cabenga is intuitive, challenging and fun, but with only one level and a handful of obstacles, it wears thin, especially for those not into the whole score-chasing scene.

Score: 7/10



  1. Limited variety when compared to cut the rope? Christ it must be limited! All you do in that, literally, is cut the rope!

    • lol indeed.

    • There’s LOADS of variety in Cut the Rope. Dozens of different levels and mechanics!

  2. Think I’ll probably give this a miss. Thanks for the review though

  3. I love the look of this. Any word on an Android port?

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