Killzone 3 Beta Patched Again

You have to hand it to Guerrilla, they’ve done a great job supporting the Killzone 3 beta. We’re only a week from launch and a day from the beta ending so I’m thinking it would’ve been very easy to just leave it as is and walk away but alas, Guerrilla apparently found time to sneak one more update in. Patch 1.02 went live just recently and while we don’t have any clue what it does yet, it will likely aid in clearing up some of the issues that users have continued to experience after the first fix went up a week ago or so. If we get more info, we’ll be sure to pass it along.



  1. Does it fix the “Gears-of-war-esque” shotgun?
    It’s one of the only things putting me off buying it day one at the moment. Reminds me of the rpg problem on KZ2, but Guerilla made it so you could have matches without it.

    • I can’t beleive how easy you guys can find issues with games.
      I mean c’mon, shotgun?! there gotta be something more important than that to put you of a game, no?
      I respect your oppinion though

      • I agree there is a lot more good than bad in the beta, but nearly every match I played was just a shotgun fest.

        They are supposed to be powerful at close range, but not at silly distances. Other than that, I enjoyed the beta tho lol

  2. Downloaded and played this for like an hour last night, got really pissed off at some camping-scumbags and quit. Shotguns still feel pretty overpowered to me, I’m afraid, but that might very well be because I suck… :/

    • Hi Aquastyle

      You will always have campers in FPS games. Either its a good thing or a bad thing. For me if I get killed by a camper i normally go back and take them out as there easy prey. Also did you try tactician who has the ability to see who is where by scanning your immediate view.

      Shotguns yes I might agree with you that they are overpowered as I was killed a few times last night by this weapon. However its pretty slow to load so just dodge the first shot :)

      Im just worried that we may see a bit to much of the grenade fest as seen in Killzone 2. Also before spawning you can see the immediate area and any enemies in the vacinity which gives you the edge to drop in a take them out (Not sure that a good thing though)

      All in all having a blast playing the beta with the move. Just hope there not much of a learning curve when I use it with the sharpshooter.


  3. Clearly the disc is already golden, so the beta update is doing one of two things.

    1/ using the release servers to load test them
    2/ test some code in a day one patch

  4. After playing BFBC2, Killzone 3 seems substandard…

  5. I actually really enjoyed the beta, although echoing the thoughts above, campers are infesting all online shooters now. Still, I came top in 4 team deathmatches (for first time!) so my suicidal gung-ho sprinting outmatched their cowardice and cheapness. They still annoy me though

  6. @the camper comments: I think all FPS games should implement a system where if a player stays in a small square area for too long they start to show up on the maps as a flashing big icon so everyone can see they’re cowardice!

    • haha that would be pretty funny to see!

    • Even better than that. With Killzone they should make it that your abilities, such as deploying sentries and scanning for targets, only replenish when you are moving or at least out of your spawn.

  7. that idea has popped up in my mind on several occasions or if sat there too long you suicide now that would be an incentive top get out of the shadows

  8. Have they sorted out the your faction has won problem???

  9. Some matches are just camp heavier than others,Dr Davros makes a pretty good point that the tactician class is excellent for worming out campers, also going back and slaughtering whichever camper shot you originally is quite theraputic ;-) A–Psyco . yes, that bug seems to have been squashed (Last time I did Ops it wasn’t there) Here’s a nice little clip from the Akmir Snowdrift MP level (In botzone because the servers aren’t live yet)

  10. surely sniper classes are meant to camp up right,it takes a better player to find these campers and flank them and take them out.its all part of the game as far as im concerned,and no i dont camp,im too hyper i need to run and gun spray n pray as stats mean nothing to me.i just get amongst it and have fun.

    • Snipers aren’t the problem. The problem is when people camp while aiming down their sights using either a shotgun, or smg. I BO, I use hacker, to see all the little camping cowards, with their claymores and motion sensors, and get rid of them. KZ3 will be a tougher battle.

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