Lightbox Update Status Of ‘Mystery Project’

Dylan Jobe has tweeted an update regarding a ‘mystery’ PlayStation 3 project. In the rather lengthy tweet he addresses one of my pet hates – pre-rendered trailers.

Last couple weeks have been spent cranking on builds for SONY. Lots of good play-tests and game improvements.

Keeping the new game under wraps for this long is tough, and very hard on our fans. But will be worth it all in the end!!

Fans deserve real game footage and not a BS pre-rendered trailer. That’s tricky ’cause pre-rendered trailers are much “safer” to do. But all the investment and time in the game itself is ultimately the right direction.

For the product *and* for the fans!

We await a trailer packed full of Starhawk ‘Mystery Project’ gameplay with bated breath.

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  1. He’s such a tease.
    Good to know when we do get a trailer ( and it sounds like we’re getting one soon), it won’t be pre rendered.

  2. Holy crap.

    *taps fingers impatiently*

  3. I never really understand why they feel the need to keep it secret, anyone care to enlighten me? Surely letting people know what you’re working on gives a chance for hype to build?

    • Just think of the opposite end of the scale, we hd GT5P, so knew GT5 should be soon. Then a year or or so ago we started getting trailers. Then with the more trailers, the more people were thinking “Yeah, I don’t care anymore just release it”. Whick killed the hype.

      Now if you just tease a game now and then people get impatient, wanting to know more. Which builds hype as you REALLY want to know more.

    • Eh… should be announced if its to be released in a year or Autumn

    • Yeah, that does happen, but Dylan has said he feels games are shown far too soon, so I can see it appearing at E3 then on the shelves in the Autumn.

      Sony have got both ends of the scale in dev though between ‘Starhawk’ and Twisted Metal, a game which was showed off far too early IMO.

      However ‘Starhawk’ has been known about long enough to create its own hype and its almost like the longer it goes on without seeing it, the better.

      • Warhawk was released in September or October I think. If they only announce it at E3 I doubt it’ll be released this year. Maybe spring 2012.

      • @jaffa, why? It’s been in dev quite a while. Games at E3 are shown at different stages, from simple announcements (no trailers) of future games, to announcing a game is out in about a month. I’d say it’s probably on track for a “Holiday” release.

      • @Jaffa-the-cake Yes but that was 2007! We are in 2011 now, so I cant see why they would need to wait until 2012 as they have had lots of time.

      • You’ve gotta remember that Sony already has a pretty full release calendar for this year and it wouldnt make sense to have two heavy hitting exclusives with great multiplayer, Resistance 3 and Starhawk, released so close to each other. Another fact is that there will inevitabley be a closed ,then after a while an open, beta. How could they fit both of those into such a short period between the unveil at E3 in August and a release in early autumn?

      • It’s just impression I got from dylan, that he wouldn’t show it, till it was done. So all the internal testing will be done as will a private closed beta. Then it’ll be in the hands of Sony as the publishers who’ll probably want to do a ‘public’ closed beta then an open beta as part of the promo work.

        IMO, there’s no reason for a game to be shown more than a few months before it release although I can see why it does happen.

        Personally I think Sony are crazy not to get Res & KZ on alternate year release cycles, they both release every 2 years anyway, but for some reason the same year and although Res has its fans it’s certainly in KZ’s shadow as far as the mainstream are concerned.

      • I think they put KZ in the same year as Resistance to stop it clashing with the COD produced by Infinity Ward, as the Treyarch produced version seemed less of a sales threat than the OTT Infinity Ward version.

      • Why do you mention an open beta, they’re usually just a cut-down version of the game, exactly like a demo.
        It’s not as if they’re got to stress test the servers, as they’re still probably the PS3’s from Warhawk, which probably run on a copy similar to retail* (only they cut out features for better optimisation*).


      • Most games have an open beta due to the fact that you can’t really know how the game will cope until its under full load from people on psn. Open betas are useful for finding bugs and fixing them before release like what happened with the KZ3 beta which was patched several times to fix bugs. You can do a certain amount internally but you can’t simulate what you get with a fully open beta.

  4. New IP you say? I’m all over it.

    • Sorry for double posting but what’s so good about starhawk?

      • Starhawk, is update to Warhawk.
        Warhawk was first game I brought on PS3. Also because of Warhawk lot my friends have brought PS3.
        Warhawk is epic, in fact I know true fanboys of Halo to comment on how much fun Warhawk is.
        Truly Warhawk is that good.

        Please say it Starhawk we have been waiting way to long for an update.

      • Saying Warhawk is new IP would be wrong.
        Warhawk goes back to 1986 on the C64.

        If rember correcly they did put demo/trial version on PSN.

  5. I’m intrigued. I hope it is Starhawk.

  6. I’m hoping for Starhawk. I could see that taking up almost all my gaming time if it is!

  7. Must be getting close to an unveiling now! Can’t wait to see what they have been working on.

  8. ITS WARHAWK 2 ( StarHawk )

    • It would be Warhawk 4.

      I found my copy of C64 tape few weeks ago. Never got PS1 version.

      Warhawk 1 – C64, Atari 8-bit, CPC, ST
      Warhawk 2 – PS1
      Warhwak 3 – PS3

      Now next my wish list is Elite (Frontier) on the PS3.

  9. It good to see there so much love here for Warhawk.

  10. 2012 Release please then because their are enough games in 2011.

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