New PlayStation Plus Mid-Month Content

It’s time for the mid-month PS Plus content update, and there is some lovely stuff in store for subscribers. Fans of  ModNation Racers will be happy, as there will be some new avatars for you to download and keep.  Blacklight: Tango Down will also have 25% lopped off its price.

SEGA fans will be in seventh heaven as Plus subscribers will be getting early access to a Yakuza 4 demo. In the coming months you will also be getting Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe Digital, Comix Zone and Altered Beast – all with trophy support.


As a special present, the mini ‘Flying Hamster’ is now available for free and to keep. This means it will still be yours, even if you choose not to continue your PS Plus membership.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. SEGA games with trophy support, buy the Mega collection, probably cheaper and alot more games!

    • how is it cheaper when you have PS subscription? this is great news it keeps getting better imo PS+.

      • they are free? if they are, my bad, but not all PS+ stuff is free, could be exclusive or a discount

      • might of jumped the gun if there not free bad times lol.

      • Jame has replied to a comment on the PS blog and they apparently are FREE!

    • Yeah but only one or two trophies per game which is a bit meh. Love the mega collection though!

      • have you got the lists?

      • by the way that’s only a few per game as well. I would have thought there would be about 12 trophies per game so more really for the PSN games.

      • I meant only one or two on each game on the Mega Collection :) I’d imagine with the PSN versions it would be the usual 10-12?

      • Yeah, but the Sega collection has a platinum.

  2. Yes, Yakuza 4 Demo, thats enough for me already =D. Nice midmonth update

    • Yep, I’ve been looking forward to Yakuza 4 too. Heard good things about Flying Hamster too.

  3. I’m waiting for the Sonic2 HD remake coming soon:

    • wow that is awesome! keep us updated on the forums!

  4. Can’t wait for the Yakuza demo, awesome series.

    Good to hear we’re getting the SEAGA back catalogue stuff that has been on other formats for years, although I’ve got the collection disc, they’re the sort of thing I want installed for a quick play.

    • Same here, these SEGA games are going to be ace having them there on the PS3 ready for some nostalgic fun!

  5. This is good news, I played flying hamster a couple days ago and it’s great fun.

  6. Streets of rage 2 + trophies = good times!

    • not to bothered about trophies, but if it has online multiplayer.

  7. Flying Hamster is fab, I still play it.

  8. Can’t argue with a free game forever. Not too fussed about the rest though, maybe Yakuza will be interesting.

  9. Can someone tell me if Stacking is still free and how long it will still be free for? My Internet is down at the moment and it won’t be back until at least Monday, and I don’t want to miss out.

    • Yes, it is still free. It will be gone by the 2nd March, so be quick! =]

    • If your internet is down how did you leave this message ??????

      • Work or mobile I am guessing.
        Can you buy stuff for your PSN account from a website yet?

      • you need media go to access the ps store from a laptop but it can be done.

  10. This is looking more promising. Itching to subscribe at the moment.

    • Am I correct in saying that you can buy a discounted PSN card (like from Tesco with their 20% off? – is that valid?) load up your wallet and get the PSN+ subscription even cheaper than £40?

      If so, then that’s PSN+ for £32!?

      • Yes, thats what I did! Double Bargain!!

      • yep as long as you have £40 in your psn wallet you will be fine no matter how much you get the psn cards for..but remember the plus service is auto renew, so if you have a credit or debit card on your psn account it will try and take £40 when due.

      • ah cheers for the reminder. I’m assuming you can turn auto renew off?

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