Pendulum Heads To DJ Hero 2

The ‘Hero’ brand may have been put on hold, but at least it’ll go out with a bang as you can now download the ‘Pendulum Pack’. Pendulum are well known for creating some fantastic tunes, and this latest pack will be from their ‘Immersion’ album. It will include:

  • “Watercolour”
  • “Set Me On Fire”
  • “Salt In The Wounds”

The Pendulum Mix Pack will be available on the Xbox 360 for 640 Microsoft Points, on the PlayStation 3 for £6.29, ands separately on the Wii for 300 points for each track.

Source: Press Release



  1. Wow – I might actually have to spring for this! Loving DJ Hero 2 at the mo, but love Pendulum even more!! :)

    • TBH I would’ve thought Pendulum would be the first artist you’d license for DJ Hero 2. Too little too late me me i’m afraid. Not gunna jump on a sinking ship now.

  2. Love Pendulum, dont love music games….shame!

  3. How much???

    • Likelihood is that it will be £6.26 like the other add ons. :(

      • It says the price in the article, my “how much?” was an exclamation of ridiculousness. Probably should’ve said how much?!?!?!?!?!?!

      • Oh yeah! Didn’t even notice that! My bad. Strange for me not pick up sarcasm as well. I must be ill. :)

  4. There has to be more than just 3 tracks, no?

    • It’ll either be the three tracks as mentioned above but mixed with themselves & no other track (as was also the case for a few tracks like califonia love, galvanise & firestarter for examples), or it’ll be those three tracks each mixed with something else i suspect.
      DLC packs for DJ Hero are generally 3 mixes of something, so it probably is just the three tracks mentioned above (mixed in some way – Hopefully by Pendulum!).

      • It’s the tracks by themselves and Pendulum had no imput.

      • Aww. :(

  5. What about tracks from the older albums?

  6. Wow, this makes me actually want to buy the game :| And I really am not a fan of this genre of gaming!

  7. D&B for people who don’t like D&B.

  8. Not worth it, they aren’t even the best songs off Immersion. I’d have thought Self vs. Self would be good, or at least the first part to the Island.

    • Self vs self would surely be on Guitar hero or rockband?

  9. So DJ hero has deadmau5 and now pendulum, Not sure if two artists I like makes it worth buying……. plus it won’t be cheap with the turntable.

    Option 2: listen to them without adding cheap effects!

    • Option 3: Don’t listen to Pendulum or Deadmau5!

    • Option 4: Listen to both deadmau5 and Pendulum whilst pretending to be mixing when really your just fast forwarding and rewinding and media player.

      No? Ok.

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