Runic “Would Love Console Torchlight II”

Torchlight will arrive on XBox Live next month but developers Runic Games are already thinking about porting the sequel. CEO Max Schaefer said,

That’s absolutely something we look forward to doing. We’re a small studio so we have to focus and do one thing at a time and sometimes that means we have to make some hard decisions on what we can’t do.

We’re going to look at what happens with Torchlight on Xbox, and in an ideal world we’d like to say right now that we’re going to do Torchlight II on a console, but wisdom says we have to wait and see and evaluate when we get to that point.

Having said that, I would love to see Torchlight II and the MMO come to the console – there would be a big market for it.

Note that Schaefer uses the word ‘console’ rather than XBox 360; perhaps in the future Playstation 3 owners will have access to the dungeon crawler.

Source: Digital Spy



  1. Surely the phrase ‘the console’ means only one thing- a console already mentioned in the discussion?
    Such as Xbox?
    I think too much is being read into his wording, nothing suggests PS3 to me other than the lack of MMO support on Xbox. But in the games industry, things can change very quickly.

    • HE says ‘a console’, not Xbox, could be either or both.

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