Brutal Mortal Kombat ‘Noob Saibot’ Trailer

The latest Mortal Kombat trailer is in, and this time features Noob Saibot. He looks to have quite an interesting fighting style, and in the hands of an experienced player he could be a very formidable opponent. Plus he kicks one of the other fighters in the ribs so hard she actually vomits. That has to be one of the most brutal things I’ve seen in 2011.

Source: Gametrailers



  1. I cant wait for this. gonna whoop crazydel’s arse ;)

    • In your dreams mate ;)
      Cannot wait to get this, should be a much better MK game than Armageddon and maybe Deception and what not lol.
      Noob looks pretty awesome with great combination moves.
      As Scorpion says – “GET OVER HERE, SpikeyMikey” off you go down in the spike pits it has your name written all over it ;)

      • You weak, pathetic fool! ;)

      • HAHA, maybe i’ll beat the crap out of the both you 2, after practicing some kombo challenges. think they’ll be back. we’ll i’ve finished them for mk vs. dc so they should be doable if they’re back.

      • I’ll be kikin’ both ur butts with Zero!! Get ready

  2. Toasty

  3. Awesome. Didn’t expect to see him. Consider this pushed a couple of notches up my want list.

  4. Lol Flex, I think you’ll find the mechanics will be a lot different than MK vs DC lol

    • Why do you think that? I think it looks pretty much exactly the same mechanics-wise.

  5. INSANITY! The more I see about this game, the more misty eyed I get from my memories of Mortal Kombats of yore. They really seem to be giving us fans exactly what we’ve been dying for since we first fired up of PS3s. MK vs DC was a good fighting game but a terrible Mortal Kombat game. This one cannot come out soon enough. With this and the excellent Marvel vs Capcom, this may be the year of the fighter.

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