Crytek Speaks About The Effect Of Piracy

Two things that are becoming more and more prevalent these days are game studio closures and piracy. While speaking with Gamerzines, Crytek’s Nathan Camarillo stated the obvious about the two subjects being related. He also noted that used game sales play a part as well. It’s no surprise to hear Crytek speaking so passionately about this as their newest top-shelf title, Crysis 2, is the latest victim of online pirating.


“We can tell how many times it was registered online. A lot of people say that Crytek is whining about piracy, but it’s not. We can see how many times people tried to register it and the numbers are just staggering. It got copied a lot.

But it’s not just about the business of making the game; it makes it hard for all games to succeed when there’s piracy. Between piracy and used game sales, none of that money ever makes it back to the developers or the publishers and that means the profits just have to be that much better the more you spend.

Generally speaking it just makes it hard for good game companies to stay in business. And people wonder why there are so many studio closures… We want to keep providing great games to everyone and as part of that we need people to buy it.”

The relation between studio closures and piracy isn’t exactly mind-blowing news. It’s actually fairly obvious that these two things go hand in hand but seeing studios like Bizarre shut down really brings it close to home for me. I loved some of the stuff they created and while I’m certainly not saying that piracy alone was the cause, I’m sure it didn’t help.

Source: Gamerzines



  1. Piracy is so annoying. I don’t understand how someone could just steal what another person worked so hard to create. They deserve compensation for their work. Pirates need to be tracked down and stopped.

    • You’re telling me you’ve never downloaded an MP3?

    • There’s such an insignificant risk associated with piracy (at a consumer level) people are happy pushing their luck.

      Crytek, in all fairness, have been slammed by PC piracy as oppose to console piracy.

    • Yeah I thought you’d say that.

      Play the innocent card.

      If you’ve ever used the internet, you’ve pirated. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t, and if you say you haven’t, then you’re bull**itting.

      Google “Stephen Fry piracy” and listen to his story.

      • Kiss my ass retard. Some of us actually don’t steal from others.

  2. I wish there was a way that piracy could be stopped completely.

  3. There’s no way to stop piracy without requiring a constant internet connection to certify data, and even then it’d still exist.

    The only thing that the various industries have going for them now is that 10 years ago it was cool to pirate, now it’s cool to hate on piracy.

    • The ironic thing is if they did finally stop piracy hundred of thousands of jobs would be lost because companies would scale back the security costs as without piracy any anti-piracy precautions would be lost value. Then there would be a bunch of bored, ticked off anti-piracy programmers that would start pirating.

    • I disagree, Remember the activision always online drm, yet elite hackers like raz0r and Reloaded managed to find an offline crack.

    • I disagree, Remember the activision always online drm, yet elite hackers like raz0r and Reloaded managed to find an offline crack.

  4. Why arent they using STEAM? It may not eradicate it completely but it surely might have a close stab?

    • I’m sure they will. This is about it being pirated before release. Nothing to do with Steam. :-)

    • Steam games can also be cracked and pirated :(

  5. “the numbers are just staggering. It got copied a lot”

    How many, 1k, 12k? “A lot” is such a vague term. I think piracy is overrated, it surely harms things to certain degree, but you can’t always blame everything on it. I also think they want to blow this up just to bitch about piracy and how they don’t make enough money.

    “Generally speaking it just makes it hard for good game companies to stay in business. And people wonder why there are so many studio closures”

    No you just suck if that’s your stance on it, Crysis 2 will not be in my repertoir of games just because of this. As for studio closures. If people have money, they will spend it. If people don’t have money, they think twice before spending on something that doesn’t really help them get along in life and with the crisis still affecting countries(the financial one, not the game :P)and people, you certainly can blame the studio closures on piracy and second hand sales too.

    I also wanna say a big F#&K YOU to all software developers, publishers who want to stop the sale of second hand games. Greedy pigs. Online pass my ass, if I can’t purchase it because the publisher doesn’t accept payment from my country then what do I do? and for a matter of fact I still don’t have access to the PS Store to download the free DLC that came with the newly bought game I purchased.

    • Not really greedy are they, after all they just want to make money and stay in business, common sense really. Also a game costs a hell of a lot of money to make plus takes many years to develop so it is important for a company to make this money back and pay the people that put many hours into production…

      • You can rest assured that they will make a profit and non of them will starve.

    • If they’re providing further content and server space for online play, I’m happy for devs to charge. However, outside of that, the second-hand market is perfect. Just like buying a second-hand car! Nothing to do with the manufacturer.

  6. Pirates need leathering, simple as. They dont have a love for gaming, how could they knowing how much of a negative impact they are having.

  7. It’s ridiculous how many people at my school have a copy of a pirated game. Once Black Ops got out, people were literally paying others for the hack. I would say at least half the people in my school (which is about 1300 people strong) have or have had a hacke version of Black Ops. I find it appalling.

  8. Piracy is awful. I have never had a pirated game and never would.
    I always buy my games new even if I wait for the price to drop but I never buy pre-owned.I’m not perfect though as I do trade in my old games or sell them on eBay so I suppose in a way that is as bad as buying pre-owned games.

  9. If people want a solution for piracy then free to play is the best way forward!

  10. Sooo sad to see piracy
    Sadly the only way to end it would be to make it free and funded in some other way
    Also sucks that DRM the price people who want to pay have to face.

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