Mirror’s Edge ‘Still Important’

On Monday we reported a rumour that originated from VG247, via the Swedish site “Press 2 Play TV” that said a sequel to Mirror’s Edge was ‘on hold.’

It appears that this was a case of ‘lost in translation’ – and proper ‘lost in translation’, not the Valve version in which an employee announces that Half Life 3 will ship next week, closely followed by statement from Valve head office which says “Actually what we meant to say is ‘What a lovely day for a walk in the park”


VG247 were thorough, though, contacting EA for comment even though that comment was the the usual line: that Electronic Arts do not  ‘comment on speculation.’

Guess what?

EA have since commented on speculation! They have contacted 1Up  and called Mirror’s Edge “an important franchise,” but said that it has “nothing further to announce.”

So, to recap: The rumour was Mirror’s Edge 2 was on hold, the official word is it doesnt even exist. Yet.

Source: 1UP



  1. Erm… good, I think!

  2. Started playing ME1 now (finally), loving it though!

  3. Hope it does surface at some point not that far away.

    • 4 years max for games, then its far away, specially if they have not even started on it properly yet!

      • “4 years max”
        Duke would like a word with you.

  4. TSA, please don’t give us such roller coaster rides! My nerves can not accept more of this “lost in translation” … :)

    Mirrors Edge must be released some day… Portal 2 must support Move and … the PS4 will be, eventually :)

  5. Proper translation – “We’ll let DICE make Mirror’s Edge 2 when we’ve finished milking Battlefield and Medal of Honour to death”.

  6. I hope they do eventually make a sequel, the first one was fun and different.

  7. Wow, this really has been the week of bad translations.

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