Treyarch Talks About Black Ops ‘Bugs’

As if the gaming community hasn’t already beaten the Black Ops horse in to the ground, dropped a 5,000 pound anvil on it and repeatedly ran it over with a tractor before burning what was left of the body, we’re back again today with more conversation on the bugs that gamers have been complaining about. Specifically, bugs that may be in certain versions of the game but not others.


While speaking with Kotaku, Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia had many things to say about the time Treyarch put in to the game and the effort that went towards keeping it a bug-free experience.

“…we have a huge team that is just committed to making sure that Black Ops, period, on whatever platform it is out on, that people have a great experience. We have our own internal test team that are the largest we’ve ever had. We don’t even rely on Activision’s test teams. We have Activision’s test team support, but actually at Treyarch we’ve invested in testing to the point where we have full test teams testing all of these platforms and making sure we are doing all of this stuff.

We hear about something that bothers us and we make sure it’s fixed and addressed. Which is why you’ve seen aggressively us addressing things we hear about. So when we hear about something, we actually reach out to players sometimes in the community to see if we can replicate it. If there is something out there that we’ve never seen, obviously we’re going to work with players to see if we can work it out.”

Mark went on to say that the cases of bugs on the PS3 version of the game are largely overblown and only affect a very small minority of the community.

“Here is what I will say: We know this for a fact, that the vast, vast majority don’t have these sorts of experiences and they’re out there playing this game. To the extent that there are issues we are unaware of, we are committed to trying to work to make sure the experience is good, that’s the most important thing. We are making the game for everyone. The game is robust, huge, we want to make sure if there are any issues they are addressed. That’s not to say there aren’t edge cases. When we do hear of something, we’re not like not doing anything.

I would ask you to go on to the PS3 yourself, not just read the boards, and experience it yourself on both platforms.”

I’ve actually done exactly what Mark Lamia has asked. I’ve put a hefty amount of time in to both the Xbox and PS3 versions of the game and aside from some frame rate dips, they’re very close to being identical. During my time with the PS3 version, I did not experience a single circumstance that I would say stemmed from a ‘bug’.

With that said, I’m only one person and I’m sure there a fair amount of people that had the opposite experience.

Source: Kotaku



  1. The only bug I came across was on the snow level after the blackbird bit. If I rappeled in and shot the guys that Weaver shoots, so once they died he just stood still and I was stuck in the room.

    Don’t know if that happens on xbox, or even if it’s just me.

  2. ” largely overblown and only affect a very small minority of the community”

    this is my impression to, they get the game data from the millions of games complete, the connections which have dropped and I’d have to say its something which effect a very small minority, albeit a very, very, very vocal minority.

    I’m sure some people will point out they’ve had a problem, but I have tons of problems of games that aren’t whined about like Treyarch is. FIFA11 freezes during gameplay for some reason, for 3 FIFAs running (8, 9 & 10) it was extremely difficult to connect to other players (a large problem affecting many people) but nothing was mentioned. I could of course go on with pretty much every game. Except for BlOps, once launch day congestion was out the way I’ve never once had a single problem with any aspect of it.

  3. If anyone is to blame for pushing the issues into the public eye, it’s Youtube and the commentators comments being re-tweeted over and over again. Because of this, the knife is barely worth using and the AK74u has been severely nerfed and any tiny bug has been made out to be game breaking.

    Some people play only Call of Duty titles and will find any minor flaw or glitch very frustrating. In this case, it’s about time other developers and publishers released a real ‘CoD killer’ to get them away from their one game a year purchase.

    I will say, the connection in MW2 was a lot better. This could be purely down lack of regional peer selection in Black Ops. When I do play against Americans on MW2 it’s the same as I experienced in Black Ops nearly all the time. IE: lag and lost connection to host.

  4. b.ops the biggest selling, most traded game of this gen.
    if i had my way, id never let them near another cod project again.
    (bugs, bugs & more bugs. Add to that, poor graphics, colours, textures, sound and map layouts
    cant wait to trade my redundant copy for kz2

    • incase i sounded like a cod/fps hater, ive owned every cod & loved them all([email protected] bearable)
      clocked up 30days on mw2, which will increase after patch
      im sorry, but imo treyarch always seem to take cod 1step forward & 2 back

      & to be fair its not bugs x3, maybe x1
      but without any bugs in b.ops, it doesnt do cod or ps3s’ capabilities any justice

    • I think I fully agree with you. I’m really not a cod hater, not at all. I loved both MW and MW2.
      But with BLOPS they just did something wrong. It just didn’t play right.

    • Not to sound pedantic, but the biggest selling game is almost automatically going to be the most traded.

      Unless the game came with a promise Hideo Kojima would turn up to your house in the future and play scrabble with you, people are going to trade it in.

      • I have the feeling he would kick my arse. What do you mean lalilulelo is in /your/ dictionary Hideo? No, you haven’t turned invisible I can see you under the table.

      • I want to play scrabble with Hideo now! Or go out for a drink with him at least!

      • mw2 was the best selling game on its release, yet i still have it 2yrs on, still have [email protected] & will never trade either in.

      • DrNate86.. you made me laugh out loud. =P
        Thanks! ^^

  5. what exactly is a minority of the people to a game as huge as BLOPS,the game sold so many copies and is still selling,to them a minority could be a million people who are affected by the bugs.they say that one man cant change the world but a million sure can.that said i don’t have any bugs on my version of the game and its commendable to see that they are working hard to fix the problems.

  6. Lies!
    They’re sabotaging the versions that aren’t xbox for their own amusement!

    Jk, I’m sure they’re doing a fine job. -_-

  7. I didn’t stop playing because of any bugs. Except for the disconnects and such.
    I mainly quit playing Black Ops because some multiplayer mechanics just didn’t work for me.. How often I spawned behind someone’s back.. To my opinion that was just bad programming. Modern Warfare 2 did that right, to name fps that did that right, imo.

    • The spawn system is definitely flawed. The game is full of spawn campers now as a result of it. Try playing a game of demolition & you’ll see what I mean. It also happens in team deathmatch a fair bit as people know where the spawn points are now.

  8. When i “had” Blops, the connection was terrible, it was soo bad it drove me to trade it in. every time i joined a game the connection was lost, host migration (unreliable host)and their were severe glitches like late hit detection! It’s obvious Sh*tARHC Are complete noobs at coding for the PS3!

    P.s It’s not like i have a slow internet connection, ive got a 20mb virgin connection, whic is pretty damn fast!!

  9. I think Blops is going in for ME2…

  10. The 2 main problems with Treyarch’s, one can’t be helped though

    1) It’s just not that good, even worse when compared to MW2, obviously that opinion so don’t berate me for it.
    2) Other FPS’s are catching up very quickly, I’ve played every single CoD since day 1 and have loved the MP on all but Blop’s and I think that is because other FPS Mp’s have caught up, particularly BFBC2 and MoH, both by Dice as well

    • Agree, they think they can just churn out the same thing every year, and this year they can’t get the basics right, the only thing more annoying are the people who say ‘what bugs’ it makes me sick, by bugs I mean something thats definitely not right e.g. the completely broken spawn system, people not even being able to join others’ parties (that has never been a problem with other CoD’s i’ve played)

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