Angry Birds Now Available In Cake

Firstly: Happy Birthday Ben. Secondly: You have the coolest Dad in the world. Yes, dear TSA readers, your eyes do not deceive you; Angry Birds has been recreated via the medium of cake.

This cake is not a lie*, this cake is very tasty and a fully playable custom made level of Angry Birds.


Angry Birds available now on iDevice, Android, PS3 and PSP, Palm OS, Windows, Mac and Cake. XBox 360, Wii and 3DS ports are rumoured to be in the pipeline along with Biscuit, Meringue and Crudité versions.

*I am obliged to use that quote whenever we mention cake, no matter how tiresome it has become.

Source: YouTube



  1. At least the physics will be better in this version.

  2. That is amazing.

  3. If only all dads were like that.

  4. Best. Birthday. Ever.
    I love the fact that the dad seems to have more fun than his son.
    I want something like this for my birthday. My version would include my girlfriend covered in chocolate and me slinging my angry birds at her…

  5. That is genius. I would never want to eat it………well, most of it anyway

    • not want to eat cake? o_O
      i understand the words, but i just can’t get my head round the concept.

  6. and you get to eat what you hit, my kind of game. :)

  7. That is both adorable and delicious. God I want some cake.

    • The cake is a lie… wait, sorry… wrong series.

  8. That is one great birthday cake!!

  9. Anyway, I bet the cake is great. It looks so delicious and moist.

    • Mmm moist. The most inappropriate sounding of all the non-rude words.

  10. Oh, now that is beyond cool. I want one. Now!

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