‘Pagani Huayra’ Shift 2 Trailer Hits

Car-nuts of TSA, I would like it if you joined me in a collective “phwoooar!” whilst watching the reveal trailer for the Pagani Huayra in Shift 2. Just as a recap, we brought you the news at the back-end of last week that the only way you’ll be able to take one of these for a spin in 2011 is if you buy Shift 2, due to an exclusivity deal.

Well, I say “the only way”, but you could always go out and buy one. If you do have the money to buy one, allow me to express how awesome you are, and how much I don’t mind looking after the car for you. Call me?


Source: Big Download



  1. It’s cool and everything but I don’t think exclusivity of any car would sell me a game I was otherwise not interested in.

    • Exactly. There are more than enough other great cars out there. Now if they had an exclusive deal on Aston Martins, I’d be all over it! ;)

    • That kinda makes sense. You weren’t interested in it in the first place so you’re not going to be won over. However, for the fence-sitters this sort of thing can work. My mate watches every Grand Prix and the moment both Ferraris are out of the running he switches it off. Bonkers, from my perspective, but there we go. People are so passionate and loyal to certain teams that the race is dead to them if their favourites have gone.

  2. If the actual game sounds half as good as that, its going on the shopping list…

    • As long as they’ve learnt from the last game and only release it when it’s been properly tested.

  3. I’m very interested in this car. But from a gaming perspective I’m not, unless it comes to NfS-HP or GT5.

  4. Amazing, the game looks brilliant and I’m totally hooked on the first one at the moment (bit late I know!). Looking forward to Shift 2. I wonder if Grid 2 will ever surface?

  5. Didn’t get along with the first one at all but that looks hugely impressive. If the rest of the game looks like that then colour me interested.

  6. What a great trailer. It feels so alive with the stunning engine sounds and the grime of the track, leaves kicking up, rumble strip doing what it does best. I could go on. Bloody great stuff.

  7. Looks great but I won’t be buying on release. I’ll be waiting a while.

  8. would love to have a car that spat out fire at the back like the one the trailer!

  9. holy crap, can’t wait for this

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