PlayStation Move Heroes Video Shows Control Scheme

The US PlayStation blog released a new video on Friday showing off parts of the control scheme for the upcoming platformer, PlayStation Move Heroes. Bearing in mind the game will feature several different characters, all with various special abilities; it will be interesting to see if Move can be adapted to feel different for each one. No-one wants a waggle-fest!

Source: US PS Blog



  1. cool, thanks for posting :D

  2. Looks like they’re having some great fun with the Move controller and it’s also good to see a whole raft of weapons coming out that feels fresh and new.

  3. I can see my 7 yr old son and I having great fun with this. Looks like I’ll have to buy another Move controller.

  4. Looks fun.

    ive heard some pretty negative comments from the PS blog regarding this game (mostly its demo) but im sure i can enjoy this.

  5. Think I will be picking up Move very soon.

  6. i bought the move about 3 weeks after launch and have yet still to pick up a game for it, as of know everything out for it looks very generic, there’s nothing special yet for it.

    Saw this awhile back here on thesixthaxis and thought, as it looked like, another dismal collection of mini games. But looking at the video here it looks like alot of fun.

    It maybe my first PS Move game! if not i just have to hold out till sorcery.

  7. edit “know” to “now”!

    Damn brain thinking too fast for the fingers! Ha!

  8. Cool, glad its not just swing swing

  9. That actually looks like a lot of fun, good vid and it’s got me interested in keeping an eye out for this game.

  10. I hate how every single video has that “It is so accurate in 3D space with the camera” speech.. :P
    Other than that, it does look ok xD

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