Podcast: Episode 6

I was recording this after a long day of delayed flights and near-suicidal bus drivers so I’m not entirely sure what to tell you. I know I talked about the Xperia Play and Kris talked about Depressed L’il Boy. I think Lewis also talked about BAFTAs and we all played the now world-famous ScreenDemon audio quiz. Man, I was tired.

One thing I do have to talk about is the competition to make us a new theme tune. My dodgy 8-bit dubstep intro has finally outstayed its welcome and Kris wants some new tunes to talk over in his intro. It has to be around 20-30 seconds long, nice and interesting but able to be spoken over by Kris. When you’ve finished your tune, save it as an Mp3 and email it over to the usual address: podcasts[at]thesixthaxis.com.

When we have a few entries, Kris will pick a few of his favourites and we’ll put them out there for you all to vote on a final winner. Creating music is a lengthy process so we’ll leave the competition open for a couple of weeks while we think about something else to give the winner besides the prestige of having your tune on the podcasts!

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

If you’d like to hear anything specifically on the podcasts, or if you’d like to let us know how awesome (or not) we are then please leave comments here, reviews on iTunes and send email to podcasts[at]thesixthaxis.com. We answer as much as we can.



  1. Shall sync my walkman and listen to it tomorrow :)

  2. Downloading right now :D

  3. Lovely. :)

  4. Not to comment twice, but hopefully I’m mentioned :D.

    • You are, but I’m not sure where Kris gets the ‘m’ in your name from!

  5. Will have to check this out. I have enjoyed the previous episodes but would like a bit more chat about games. Seems to be more about film and comic than gaming, other than that it’s a good listen.

  6. I would like to get my mate to enter some music as he’s kindly created the music for our podcast too. That okay, fella, or would you like to keep it to TSA members only?

    Podcast downloaded and will be listened to tomorrow morning. Zombies to kill tonight. ;-)

    • of course, anyone can enter. Of course, he should be a member regardless but then I tend to think everyone should join up ;)

      • Cheers, matey. I’ll go tell him. Fingers crossed I/he’ll have something for you very soon.

  7. Awesome, downloading now ready for the drive to work tomorrow :)

  8. I’m just glad Lewis didn’t say he disliked Superman, that’s almost an admission to liking him in my eyes. I always knew he did.

  9. Pingouin! Phor! Payntent! (sorry Kris, funniest segment yet, should be a feature!)

  10. Great podcast. I love how you all just amuse yourself constantly. Possibly at the cost of Kris’s happiness. :-)

    British pronunciation of patented is usually pay-ten-tid
    American pronunciation is the same as Lewis was doing. Pat-en-tid.

    • Oh god, Lewis! Cabin Fever. The worst film I’ve ever, EVER seen. I actively warn people about it, it’s that terrible. Anyone who had a hand in making that deserves a painful and slow death. :-)

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