“Car and Driver” Compares Forza 3 And GT5

Car and Driver magazine, a US-based automotive monthly with a circulation of 1.31 million, has, according to a blog on The Examiner, compared Microsoft’s Forza 3 against Sony’s Gran Turismo 5.  The report, which is apparently available in the March 2011 issue of the mag, says that Turn 10’s racer offers “more realistically rendered” tracks, and more of them are based on real-world locations.

The magazine also digs into GT5’s ‘Standard’ cars, saying they don’t look much better than the ones from “GT4”, and that was last generation’s hardware, before claiming the number of Premiums, just 200, doesn’t stack up well against Forza 3’s 400 fully modeled vehicles despite the gulf in difference between the two. Car and Driver also found the selection of cars in GT5 “questionable”, and were disappointed at the lack of Porsches in the game – Forza 3 has 27.


In addition, all of Forza 3’s cars have fully realised dashboard views.

The magazine also questioned the Dual Shock’s lack of “adequate range of motion” and its ability “to precisely nail apexes and manage power,” saying that a wheel is required to get the most out of GT5.  They did say the scope of Polyphony’s racer was “peerlessly comprehensive,” but that they would “happily trade the 16 different Daihatsus that GT5 offers for more detailed tracks and a few more premium cars.”

“While Forza 3 may not have GT5’s scope,” Examiner say the mag claims, “it feels the more cohesive and better executed of the pair.  There are more cars that we would want to find in a video game in Forza than there are in GT5.”

“Forza is at once a competitive simulator and a fun game casual users can quickly get into and out of; it does not require players to delve into layers of levels and challenges to get to the good stuff.  Its polish and flexibility make Forza Motorsport 3 the better choice.  But with Forza 4 on the horizon and GT5’s frequent updates, we may be forced to repeat this tough assignment again soon.”

We can’t help feeling that the point has been missed somewhat here. Yes, Forza Motorsport 3 is a great racing game. Perhaps it’s even a better video game or more accessible racing simulation. Is it comparable to Gran Turismo 5’s simulation of the world of racing enthusiasm? We don’t really think so.

Those Daihatsus are in Gran Turismo 5 because there are really people who like to race Daihatsus and Gran Turismo is as much about celebrating their passion as it is about cramming as many horses under the hood and drifting around grandstand bends. Gran Turismo 5 recognises, as all of its predecessors have, that it can be a greater test of racing skill to tease the best out of a 22bhp minnow as it is to throw an 800bhp monster around a hairpin bend.

So, while we think that both games are exceptionally good, we don’t really think a direct comparison is entirely fair.

Our review of Gran Turismo 5 is here, and our review of Forza 3 is here.

Source: Examiner, although there’s an article on the C&D website here from December.  Quotes come from the Examiner article, not the Car and Driver website.  We are unable to verify the contents of the actual magazine.



  1. Morons.

    • Exactley. GT5 blew my mind when I saw the graffiti on the surface of the Nurbergring track. Don’t remember Forza having that, or anything that realistic for that matter.

      • FM3 does have all that.

      • I think Forza /has/ it, but it’s not 1:1 exactly like real life, like GT5 has… aside from bad words.

  2. How much advertising do Sony and MS place in their magazine?

  3. Fair enough, they’ve played both and made a judgement. I haven’t played forza so can’t comment. I can definitely see what they’re talking about with gt5 though

    • I agree.
      While I wouldn’t advise anyone to follow their guide on which to buy, it’s their opinion, that’s fair.

      I have played both and while they probably shouldn’t be directly compared, Forza is the closest comparison GT5 has, so it’s inevitable.

      Personally, I think there’s room enough for both on a peoples shelves. I will say that GT5 feels more like work and less like play but the satisfaction is greater.

  4. American magazine prefers an American game. Not really news. I expect many Japanese magazines have said how crap Forza is compared to gt5.

    • I don’t think they would sink that low tbh m8.

    • As the Xbox sells so poorly in Japan I doubt there are even many magazines to review games!

  5. A driving sim is better when using a wheel? Unheard of! Stupid mag is stupid.

  6. I’m currently doing a B-Spec race with my drivers over the internet from my PC. Can Forza do that?

    • I forgot to add that to my little rant.
      GT5 is constantly being updated with new features, and (supposedly) some of the standard cars will be being made Premium.

      Roll on DLC!

      • Yeh, the only fuss I had about GT5 was the difficulty of driving the X2010 using DS3 but with the new update they added controller sensitivty which is a blessing! I do wish they would make the AI more agressive though, since the update they just seem to let you past. If you use the same car as the AI it is fat too easy to win :/

      • far*

  7. “lack of Porshes…” WTH!

    GT5 has NO Porshes as PD couldn’t get the rights to use them. That’s not their fault.

    Does Forza3 have the Top Gear Test Track? I think not!
    Forza my have more real-location tracks, but GT5 has stayed loyal to its roots and kept some of its most famous tracks that were created as far back as GT1!
    It also has a full day and night cycles and dynamic weather on selected tracks (which Forza doesn’t).

    Not everyone uses the dashboard view. Infact, I NEVER use it. I always use Bumper cam.

    Calling the standard cars “GT4 cars” is a bit unfair. Most ARE from GT4, but they have ALL have a bit of a polish and had a HD upscaling. If what they say is true, then where was the Bugatti Veyron in GT4? It’s a standard car in GT5 so it MUST have been in GT4!

    If you can’t get the most out of GT5 without a steering wheel, then how am I doing so well with my Dualshock3 controller? Both F3 and GT5 ARE better with a steering wheel, but are BOTH perfectly good without.

    “Forza is at once a competitive simulator and a fun game casual users can quickly get into and out of; it does not require players to delve into layers of levels and challenges to get to the good stuff.” – That sucks the fun and competitiveness out of it. And you CAN jump into a fast car straight away in GT5. Have they never heard of Arcade Mode?

    I’m a Sony fanboy (as you can tell), but I think Forza3 is a great game. It was THE best racing “simulator” before GT5.

    (I could go on for longer but i’ll stop as my fingers are getting sore now!)

    • Actually, the Bugatti Veyron was in GTPSP, but I agree with a lot of what you have to say.

      • That may be so but they said “standard cars are GT4 cars”. No mention of GT PSP!

      • lol yeah thats just mean…. I liked GT PSP why ignore?

    • Just to add to my rant.
      Forza3 has a a few things that I would like in GT5, but GT5 has MORE features than Turn 10 couldn’t even imagine (and wouldn’t be able to implement as the 360 doesn’t have processing power).

      Also, if I remember rightly, you HAVE to install Forza3 before you can play (from a separate disc), whereas GT5’s install was optional and from 1 disc!

    • thank you for ranting for me :) i agree with everything you have said, i always use the bumper cam too so dont really care about cockpit view or what ever you call it. Its the main racing and depth that counts and i feel GT5 wins of both, there are so many events, special events, seasoned, arcade mode, loads of cars whether classic, crap or the likes of the bugatti, all which are great to drive even if it is a fiat 500 around daytona (what a laugh that was) so as i say i agree with everything youve said

      • Thanks. GT5 has is fun factor, although it can be frustrating when your car is not quite powerful enough to win an event, but the satisfaction when you eventually win it is immense.

      • why was that censored, its only a view.

        I had a frustrating time when i bought an expensive car and used all my credits to tune it and it wasnt quite fast enough to beat another car by about 1 second, so i was 2nd, very annoying although the car drove amazing so it was fun in the end

      • Same here. It’s not about winning. its about having fun! Which GT5 does well.

    • exactly what i was gunna say about the porches (i think its) EA who own all the rights to porsche’s in video games until whenever i can’t remember when TBH but they (EA) have also bought the exclusive rights to the new Pagani huaruay or what ever it’s called for this year, maybe longer who knows.

  8. GT5 has soul.

    • Funny, the reason I didn’t but GT5 was because I heard it was soulless. I guess it’s different tastes on games/simulators though. If you want to do just jazzy stuff with the differentials on you’re Corsa before each race that’s your cup of tea. I wouldn’t call that “soul” though. Like Football Manager has no soul. Essentially it’s a glorified database but that still doesn’t stop me plugging hundreds of hours into it.

  9. Forza is better because it doesn’t use Dualshock and has Porsches. What a wonderfully scientific way to decided which is “best”.

    Next Week: Car & Driver decide which is better, Ferrari or Porsche, by placing two small hamsters on the hood of each car and waiting to see which hamster falls off first.

    • Haha! Awesome! Can’t wait for that post! :P

    • That is a YouTube hit in the making right there

    • Should do a harry hill, which is better? FIGHT!

  10. Lets be honest, GT5 is boring and long winded. I purchased it solely for the Rally element. Can I jump straight in and start driving rally cars? Nope!! I have to start off purchasing some lame ass car, pass a few licences and work my way up through the levels before I even get the opportunity to drive in a rally. For the record, I actually prefer Need for Speed Shift and am looking for to Unleashed 2. Far more enjoyable than this over-hyped Game (yes folks, its game, its not a simulation, and it ain’t for real!)

    • Why would you buy a RACING simulator for the main purpose of rallying? There are games out there that are designed for for that. GT% is supposed to give you a wide veriety of different styles of racing.

      They don’t want you to be able to jump straight into a rally car on your first go as that defeats the point of the game, but if you REALLY must, then the WRC Rally cars are unlocked from the start in Arcade mode!

      • Gt is a driving simulator not a racing simulator. That’s where most people’s argument fails. It’s about the cars not about the racing.

      • Like voganlight said, Gran Turismo – The Real Driving Simulator.

    • Please don’t feed the trolls

      • One of his first posts is on an article about GT5 saying “Lets be honest, GT5 is boring and long winded” – Everyone is entitled to their opinion but to post it like it’s what we all think is a bit trolly

    • Obvious troll is obvious…

      • Why is he a troll? Maybe he did want to try out rallying at first, which, regardless of the availability of certain cars in Arcade mode, is by all accounts locked at the start of the game.

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