Leaked Crysis 2 Build “Real Ugly” – Crytek

Recently leaked as a torrent and likely causing Crytek to wish they had their own real-life super-suit so they could pound certain thieving people into the dust, the German developer have commented on the build quality of the now fabled pirated Crysis 2 version. As you may expect, it’s hardly the finished product, and hence not a reflection of what you can expect when Crysis 2 does officially launch next month. Speaking at The Guardian’s new series of Gamesblog Live events, Crytek’s Executive Producer, Nathan Camarillo, reveals the true “ugly” side of the leak:


People are like ‘It’s 40/45 days before launch, Crysis is leaked’ but that build was already from the middle of January. With 250 people working on a project, thousands of bugs get fixed in a heartbeat. So that version is like a really ugly version that we don’t want anyone to see.

Camarillo goes on to talk about the real malevolent effects piracy have on the industry and the gamut of emotions that ran rampant through the office when they realised their baby was out in the open on torrent sites, available to download. He said:

Oh god, that was terrible. We went through all the phases of loss in the office. Afterwards it was denial. ‘No, this isn’t happening. No, this isn’t true. Oh, this can’t be happening.’ The whole denial phase of it. Then angry. ‘WHO DID THIS? How did this happen?’ People saying like, ‘He’d better not come to the office.’ It wasn’t an employee but you know, whoever did this, whoever was Patient Zero. If I ever find this guy…

Coverage of the speech (linked below) is long and detailed, and comes recommended.

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  1. I hate the fact that it was leaked. I hope it doesn’t effect sales too much. I will be getting this.

    • I might get it. I’ve seen the leaked version and it plays fine. This statement was put out to try and tempt people away from playing the leaked copy.

      • plus that screenshot above is from Crysis 1

  2. I guess suspicion must’ve been rampant in that office. What a horrible place and position to be in, knowing full well an employee has leaked two years worth of work!

    • “It wasn’t an employee but you know, whoever did this, whoever was Patient Zero.”

      • There’s An article over at EG about a guy who hacked into valve server and downloaded half life 2, Maybe it’s something similar to that. The article does make for an interesting read imo.

      • The article in question is by Simon Parkin and is about Alex Gembe’s infamous infiltration of Valve’s systems back in 2003.

        Parkin is, in my humble opinion, the best games journalist working today. So, yes, it’s a wonderfully written and informative piece.

      • Yeah I have to agree with you on that one it’s well written and captivating.

      • Well if it, as they said, wasn’t an employee then who was it? Either they trust people they shouldn’t have (employed or not) or their security sucks. And unless they knew the source of the leak from the start then as he said, suspicion would be there. Not a pleasant working environment I bet.

  3. Played the demo on the 360 and even if I was given this game for free I wouldn’t go nowhere near it much less to download it for free. Personally I think their just saying that to detour people from downloading the game.

    • ‘I think their just saying that to detour people from downloading the game’

      Yeah, but can you blame them? lol

      • I don’t blame them but if you were a fan of the developer and the game you’d be much inclined to support them and the game to ensure you have some entertainment to look forward to in the future. I’m not gonna play hypocrite and say I’m against piracy as a whole, as I do download movies and music from time to time but games is I different matter, every game I was ever interested in I make sure I support the developers.

      • @topshot09

        yes, but what about people who aren’t fans of the developer?

        I never played crysis 1 and don’t know any other games CryTek games, so i’m no fan, but i’m interested in the game.

        Not that i’d d/l the torrent anyway, as i’m against piracy (of video games…).

        But you can’t blame CryTek for trying to discourage anyone, fan’s or not, from illegally d/ling their game.

  4. ugh. I hate thieves.

    • even robin hood.?…

      • (s)he hates the thief part of him but loves the prince part ;)

  5. Employee or not, short of a remote security breach, ala HL2, a Crytek employee somewhere must be ultimately responsible. Real shame, but I fully expect at least 2 large patches after official release to make the final version less ‘ugly’.

  6. It’s nice to see Crysis speaking so openly about how upset they were, it adds a human element to piracy that will hopefully make people think twice about downloading it. You aren’t just stealing from a faceless corporation, you are stealing from people who have poured their heart and soul into it for years.

  7. Crytek arnt bothered about piracy, they are only bothered because people get to see the game before release and not bother buying (like an early review)

    Im not getting the game, not interested but if the console version has a map editer then its a day one (even though EA are my arch enemy)

    • Can i ask why the EA hate? I was under the impression that acti were the ones getting most of the bad juju vibes directed at them these days.

  8. Pirates are nothing but a bunch of ignorant, entitlement obsessed 12 year old script kiddies who don’t even deserve the privilege of using the internet. As an iPhone developer studio we lose about 70% of our sales to those little brats.

    Down with piracy >:(

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