Battlefield 3 Gameplay Footage

Screens are one thing, but a bombastic, brilliant teaser trailer (with apparently gameplay footage) is another.

And this, footage as a “U.S. Marine squad engages hostile PLR forces in Iraqi Kurdistan” according to the official site, is certainly something else…



YouTube link via GAF.



  1. May be due to all the fancy filters, but that sure looks brilliant. If I do decide to get me a FPS this fall, it’ll be this, not COD that’s for sure.

    • I agree, COD has hit as brick wall

      • The top comment on YouTube: bye Call of Duty, it’s been nice knowing you.

      • If we’re talking graphically, it’s probably because they fired the team who made the engine. Wonder what they’ll actually do about that, ooh, maybe they could license the Frostbite engine… wait no.

  2. Looks amazing, but I have too many unplayed games nowadays, so I’m trying to hold off buying many this year.

  3. This shall be purchased. Question is PS3 or finally get a new PC?

    • 64 player with option of dedicated servers Vs 24 player & the lottery of p2p hosting.

      I wonder if the maps will be the same, because 64 & 24 are two very different numbers leading to two very different experiences even on the same map (using a 1/3rd filled Warhawk map as my reference for this)

      • The PC will undoubtedly be the better option, the only question really is expense.

        Also, I am really bad with a keyboard and mouse nowadays!

      • I don’t get it,why can’t their be atleast 32players for the ps3 version :(.

      • PS3 has dedicated servers i think? Bad company 2 did

      • I remember hearing/reading that the amount of players they can have on consoles is limited by the amount of data MS/Sony allow them to send/receive along the connection. Something like that, but more technical!

      • The first resistance game had 40 Multiplayer, thats pretty big!

      • Any news out there on the hosting? is it confirmed p2p or dedicated servers for the consoles. DICE seem to be doing a lot of work to maintain the servers for BC2, so I would have hoped that they would continue in this manner.

      • Have you recently played BC2? I keep having problems with the servers, is it working for you?

  4. Sleek.

  5. It certainly looks lovely (as lovely as warfare can :S ).
    I’m sure it’ll be brilliant but I’m watching that and thinking “Ho-hum, another sand covered middle-eastern setting”, I’ll be very interested to see what the Paris segment of the game looks like.

  6. Har! looking good. I’m so done with COD too, so their timing’s allright. Bring it on! Hope it does have a decent single player.

    • BC2 SP was way short – however having played the MP, why would you need a SP?

  7. Awesome, glad I just sprung for a new PC too as if that is gameplay, it looks like it’s footage from a maxxed out rig.

  8. As I usually do buckle and get the yearly COD offering, this may rival MW3. I’ll wait to see what takes my fancy when both have sufficient information released. Looking awfully nice though!

  9. This looks the bizznizz.

  10. My word, that looks almost like TV footage. I hope the PS3 version looks as good as that shown. Amazing.

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