Test Drive Unlimited 2 Gets Free DLC

Atari have announced that the first batch of Test Drive Unlimited 2 DLC will be free as a way of saying thank you for supporting the game after it suffered post-launch online technical problems.

The ‘Exploration Pack’, as it will be known, will include new wrecks to discover that will unlock the 1969 Dodge Charger and the Lancia Stratos Version Rallye.


Developers Eden Games also say that a patch is undergoing testing with Sony and Microsoft, and it will address a number of issues including logging in problems, network stability, corrupt game saves, invites, cash exploits and problems with Clubs.

Source: MCV



  1. How on earth do games get through testing with any of the issues listed?! “logging in problems, network stability, corrupt game saves, invites, cash exploits and problems with Clubs”. As Cammy would say “Unbelievable!”

    • But good on the free DLC as a sorry I guess but still…

  2. So, the apology for distributing a broken game, is to distribute a broken car?

  3. I suppose a few problems are inevitable but that list is quite lengthy. Nice to see they recognise a bungle and are doing something for free.

    Quite tempted by this and I’ll give it a rent this weekend to try it out.

    • I think that are waiting like me for the price to plummet before committing, by which time some, if not most of the issues should have been ironed out.
      I wonder if the free DLC’ll work? :S

  4. I think for these kinds of games that rely heavily on online play they should put out an open beta like in Killzone 3 they found and fixed allot of problems because of the open beta

  5. Glad of the free DLC, but still haven’t been able to visit the casino or use the car that I got the codes for when I pre-ordered.

  6. Free DLC is always a great thing.

  7. I thought the game was good as ive nearly done the career part, alot moaned about it but the main bulk off the game was fine to me. Yea the clubs and casino did not work but i still had some fun with players online.

  8. Nice to have some free DLC, I’m not bothered about the MP problems atm, SP is brilliant!

  9. Might pick it up when it does down in price, but I’d prefer Hot Pursuit I think.

  10. Just too bad that I found the game a complete waste of a precious round shiny disc. So while free DLC is great, I won’t be downloading it. Sold the game allready, at the first chance I got.

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