TDU2 ‘Exploration Pack’ Coming, Will Be Free

It’s common knowledge that Test Drive Unlimited 2 launched with a heck of a lot of bugs, to the point where chunks of the game were broken. To say “thank you” for your patience, Atari will be releasing the Exploration Pack free of charge. It should be on the PC now and consoles very soon, and will contain:

  • 20 new events
  • 2 new events types
  • Extreme convoy: one mistake and the mission is over
  • Timed convoy: it is a convoy mission…but with a timer!
  • Each completed event gives access to a new wreck
  • 20 new wrecks give 2 new cars (10 wrecks = 1 car):
  • Lancia Stratos version Rallye
  • Dodge charger 1969
  • 3 new discovery levels
  • 1 new set of clothes (explorer) Male/Female
  • 2 new MP Races (Specifically for the Lancia Stratos version Rallye)
  • 3D on PC & PS3
  • TV Media: Help Channel (to explain new features and content)

There are also a huge amount of bug fixes, which can be found here.

Source: TDU2 forums



  1. well isnt that nice of them… that game was a nightmare

    i pre ordered it too due to how great the first was, but this i felt was just short of complete pants

  2. Brilliant, hoping the PSN is coming back up online soon, but realised the store is off until end of the month.
    Bad month for me =/

  3. Great stuff, I honestly didn’t care that the MP was offline for ages, I’m still ploughing through the SP events. Hopefully they’ll fix the Club issues.

  4. Ooh, 3D. Another one to try and then turn off as it adds nothing to the game.

    Anybody know if the casino is finally working properly?

    • MSA in 3D is great fun.

      • I’ll have to give that a go. I’ve tried GT5, KZ3 and Mortal Kombat, and none of them really encouraged me to persevere with it.

  5. Really disliked this game. Cool to see them giving out free DLC though.

  6. I liked this game a lot! Going to get back playing it in the Summer :) Thanks Atari!

  7. Couldnt bring myself to buy this game. Dont know why.

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