TDU2 Patched

It has been announced that the Xbox 360 version of Test Drive Unlimited 2 has received one of two patches today. The PS3 version is to follow shortly. This patch “will resolve a corruption issue that some players experienced with their saved game files. In some cases corrupted files will be automatically repaired”.

On Monday another patch will go live, and “should address many of the outstanding concerns that some of the community experienced”. Atari have said they hope to reward loyal players with free DLC soon.

Source: TDU2 forum



  1. Finally. They said the patch was ready ages ago. Although it’s the second patch that’s the more important one for me.

  2. How do Atari define loyal players? This is good news but I haven’t had a problem with the game except the restriction of Clubs and such.

  3. Have they patched it so it’s not so boring?

    • Yes the’re going to put a big fat chocolate bunny on the road some where and if u find it ur dreams will come alive

  4. My TDU2 save corrupted on my PS3 and then disc drive died shortly after. Since I am going to need a new PS3, I can’t copy over the corrupted save, in hope that it might be magically revived with this update. Quite pee’d off too, spent a LOT of time playing TDU2, now I want to trade it in. Also, I don’t have enough money to afford a replacement PS3 Slim!

    This happened yesterday, so if I was a PS+ subscriber, I could essentially have ‘saved’ my save for when I do get a new PS3. :(

  5. I have this on my shelf. Keep meaning to get started on it.

  6. Hopefully there will still be gamers online as going by there forums people were trading or selling the game. My local game shop had over forty (yes 40) pre-owned games of it that had been trading or sold and was taken no more in,and thats one shop in a small town not the rest of the country or abroad i.e states ect. I completed the career side so i didn’t have much problems only Casino and Clubs lucky Ps3 owner.

  7. About time. Never turn away free DLC.

  8. I’ve been waiting for this. Got the game on day 1 and everything went messy went I tried to enter a 2nd tournament and multiplayer, Also was excited to join the meets ages ago but couldn’t as it was bugged ><
    I hope this will sort everything as I do not wish to start again, been driven thousands of miles took photos and collected junk cars.

  9. Good news indeed, I’m waiting for the price to drop before buying this game and it’s doing nicely so far at around £29…a way to go yet though and by the time that I get it, the game should have any other faults? ironed out.

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