Relentless On Why Buzz! Failed On PS3

Buzz!, whichever way you look at it, hasn’t really worked on PlayStation 3. A series born last generation has felt increasingly stale through countless iterations that haven’t really pushed the boundaries, despite the PS2 versions being quite fresh in a sea of football games and racing sims.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Relentless co-founder Andrew Eades has explained what went wrong.  “I don’t think anyone can be happy with [Buzz! PS3] compared to PS2,” he says. “We weren’t enthralled by its performance and we felt that the market got a bit too much Buzz! too soon on PS3.”

[boxout]He blames the early price point as a deciding factor on slow sales.  “To be honest, £425 for a console is not going to give you a big audience,” he said. “And we struggled with price for a long time.”

“I’m not going to accuse Sony of anything,” says Eades when asked who was to blame. “Things we wanted to happen didn’t happen, and that’s not Sony’s fault, that’s not Relentless’ fault. A lot of it is down to market conditions.  The market changed. We haven’t changed; we’ve always made the kind of games that we’re going to continue making – that’s for sure. The people we make games for don’t own PS3s that much.”

Eurogamer say the studio released 12 Buzz! titles for PS3, and Relentless could lay claim to a number of firsts: user generated content, the first Trophies, the first Facebook connection, but sales were “tough” in 2010.

Relentless are now pursuing other options – their new iPhone game Quiz Climber is in the wings, and Eades has previously stated his affections for Kinect – we’ll see what happens next but it doesn’t look lke there will be any more Buzz! from Relentless.

Will Sony continue to publish Buzz! titles?  They could, but as Eades says, “I challenge anyone to be better than [Relentless] at a quiz game and certainly a Buzz! game.”



  1. So, what’s the point with the recently released Buzz Quiz Player? No more quiz packs coming?

  2. I bought my PS3 because of Buzz.

  3. I bought the Special Edition Buzz and I still play it when there’s a big group of us. It’s great fun and it’d be a shame for the series to die now.

  4. I didnot care about Buzz when it was on the PS2 so why would i care when it came to the PS3?
    (besides, that host disturbs me)

  5. My family still get together every new years eve to play it- admittedly the embarassment of singstar means we never do that now but Buzz is still good. A £180 bundle with a new version would probably go down a treat still

  6. 12 iterations? I can only think of 4. I only bought Quiz TV and Quiz World on PS3. I can’t think of a better quiz game than these tbh. I just wish the dlc was more varied. They could’ve sold the Quiz World questions as dlc for Quiz TV instead of a full game with minor improvements.

    • I’m sure there hasn’t been 12 for PS3, I think it’s 9 ,the article is wrong. But To be honest, ever since they introduced that thing where the last round went to a score=time thing Buzz! was doomed.

    • They are probably counting Brain of the UK, Brain of France, Brain of Norway, Brain of Uzbekistan, etc..

      Don’t think they bothered with a Brain of Ireland.

  7. Didn’t get Buzz for pricing alone. Didn’t want wired buzzers, and wireless costs a million and a half punds in Norway (approximately).
    A mate bought it though, and we love it to bits.

  8. wait, so they are blaming the price of the ps3? i thought they where talking about their own price for the game plus 4 wireless buzzers. thats whats been keeping me from buying the game… the buzzers alone are 50€…

  9. I don’t believe Buzz actually failed on the PS3.

    but if it did, then I think Eades sums it up with the line “the market has changed, we haven’t changed” well then, that’s why you’re not selling the amount of games you muppet…no matter what the prices are, if it’s the same old shit, no one will bother with it.

    I thought they were pretty fun games for family and friends, I’m pretty sure there are numerous other companies that could freshen up the Buzz franchise.

  10. Buzz always seems to be the example for other console quiz games to follow, but there’s still so much room for improvement. Quiz world was hugely refreshing after playing the same rounds in the same order in quiz tv, but much more customization of rounds is still needed, such as not having to end with final countdown. A real shame if that’s the end for buzz though :(

    • Oh god Final Countdown. It was like, “what’s the point of having the other rounds?”

    • Totally agree in the fact that buzz needed a lot more variation to keep people interested. There are so many quiz type shows on tv at the moment which are franchised all aroundthe world, so it just shows that if you have a good idea it is easy to sell and get an audience. I think buzz just went stale, I bought quiz tv and quiz world but couldn’t find ultimate music quiz without a set of controllers in shops and I already have 2 sets so why have any more. I’m sure relentless could make a good new game with enough variation if they spent the time to make a new game instead of just new rounds with what seems like the ae engine.

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