Sizable Preorder Bonus Announced For Battlefield 3

Battlefield 2 is still recognized as one of the top mutliplayer shooters you can find on PC, even today. It was a classic right from launch and there’s still a thriving community that loads up the PC servers on a regular basis. If you’re one of those gamers that still cherishes the memories you have from Battlefield 2, then you should probably prepare to preorder Battlefield 3 in the near future. EA and DICE announced today that those who preorder the newest Battlefield installment will receive a free expansion titled, ‘Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand’. If you watched the first gameplay trailer that we showed you recently, you probably caught this announcement at the end but we just now figured out what this pack entails. It includes four classic maps from Battlefield 2, all of them updated to the latest and greatest technology of the Frostbite 2 engine.

[boxout]The bonus doesn’t stop with the maps themselves, however. The pack also comes with Battlefield 2-themed weapons, vehicles, unique rewards, and new achievements/trophies that are all exclusive to those four maps. Pretty amazing amount of content when you consider that all you have to do is preorder the game.

The downside is they’ve yet to announce which regions this bonus will be available to. It’s probably safe to assume everyone will have a chance to get them but you just never know. They also haven’t detailed which of the four maps we’ll be receiving with the pack but ‘Strike at Karkand’ seems like a sure bet. We’ll let you know more when they fill us in.



  1. I’m so torn over BF3, I want it for PS3, but apparently the PC version will be superior in more than just a graphical way. I loved BF2 so much, I logged 300hrs in the air alone :).

    Might just have to (Pre) order it for both!!

    • Now that’s what I call dedication :)

  2. One of the few games, I’ll pre-order. Looks amazing.

  3. Looks really cool. But I’m kind of tired of FPS games right now. Maybe I will change my mind by the time this comes out.

  4. One of the best preorder bonuses I’ve heard of. Was gonna preorder regardless but this just solidified it. Cannot wait. Killzone 3, Bulletstorm, & Battlefield 3 is gonna make this another great year for FPS games.

    • yeh, will be awesome, lets see if sledgehammer and IW can deliver on the next call of duty too

  5. That’s a great pre-order bonus. I try not to pre-order too much but I’ll be pre-ordering this I think.

  6. ‘The downside is they’ve yet to announce which regions this bonus will be available to. It’s probably safe to assume everyone will have a chance to get them but you just never know.’

    By going to the pre order page on the website you can see the expansion pack will be available in the uk, on my phone atm so too much effort to go through every region and check!

  7. Is this for PC only?

    • Consoles also, though the pc version sounds superior both in terms of graphics and it has dedicated servers and larger amounts of players allowed online (i think 64 for pc, around 20 for console)

      Hope I helped :)

      • Do you have a link to verify this, I could only find PC mentioned for this.

  8. I think from memory I spent well over a fortnight of my life on Strike at Karkand alone ! I could well imagine many players will have months logged now .

  9. Only battlefield’s I have played are Battlefield 2 and Bad Company, so I will be buying this on day 1, i’m hoping for an online co-op mode, as games these days seem to lack it.

  10. Can’t decide between Battlefield 3 and Homefront, decisions, decisions…..

    • Theres at least 6 months between them so get both like me , I want Homefront to be great but it’ll never rival battlefield.

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