Crysis 2 Demo Going Multi

Gamers with the luxury of an Xbox 360, either solely or as a part of their set up, have had access to a Crysis 2 multiplayer demo for some time now. In fact, it was something of a bone of contention for PC gamers, many of whom expressed the view that since it was their platform of choice that so strongly supported the original Crysis and it’s expansions, they were due to be allowed in on the demo too.

Well, now they should complain no more. EA has just sent through a press release to let us know that a brand new multiplayer demo will be arriving on the Xbox 360 and PC on March 1st, with a PS3 release “coming soon”.


The new demo will, presumably, be more complete and polished than the previously available (on Xbox 360) multiplayer demo. We’ve also been told that it will feature two maps and six game modes as an appetiser for the full multiplayer which will feature levelling systems and many more maps.



  1. Hurrah!

  2. Subtitle was a little misleading to me thought it was going to be crossplatform multiplayer for a moment :)

    I was getting jealous of the 360 having it :D

  4. Hopefully this doesn’t mean there won’t be a single player demo.

  5. So lets have it right.the 360 also gets a brand new demo BEFORE the ps3 yet again.f***ng jokers mate.the lot of em.

  6. the trouble is, in this industry “soon” could mean anything.

  7. We will probably get a demo the week it is released. Wasn’t going to buy it anyway and their snubs have only reaffirmed my feelings.

  8. And I need Crysis2 on PS3 why, when Killzone3 is out already?#

  9. tried it on 360 today and found it Really underwhelming, I even cancelled my preorder. Im hoping there will be a singleplayer demo if not i will wait until i see the finished product.

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