Killzone 3 DLC ‘Steel Rain’ Announced

As expected with the release of any big FPS, news of upcoming DLC is never far behind. Announced on, Killzone 3’s second map pack (the first being the Retro edition) will feautre “two brand-new multiplayer maps inspired by locations from the single player campaign.”


The two maps are called Junkyard and Stahl Arms, respectively. Here’s the skinny on both:

Game Type: Guerrilla Warfare (16 players)
The junkyards of Helghan are a wasteland to some, but a valuable resource to others. In the main junk processing facility of Helghan, ISA and Helghast Forces are clashing in an attempt to salvage vehicles and supplies for their war effort. Jetpacks are the key to taking the high ground, but the huge Exoskeletons can quickly turn the tide of the battle on the ground.

Game Type: Warzone (24 Players)
As the Helghast write a new and appalling chapter on humanoid experimentation, beleaguered ISA Forces mount a desperate attack on the notorious Stahl Arms research facility, where they hope to free ISA soldiers who have been taken captive. Stahl’s Helghast forces will stop at nothing to ensure that the ISA attack fails, even if it means exterminating the very prisoners they need for their weapons research.

Check out the source link below for more images of the new locations.




  1. Announcing them so soon is ridiculous if they are making us pay for them

  2. One day after release, they’re announcing new maps, and already they’ve got half the number of maps on disc in the form of DLC.

    Sorry, but that’s completely ridiculous. Unless this is free, it’s a complete joke. Both maps here are only going to be locked to a single game mode, which means they have 1/3rd of their possible gameplay value on show. It’s just not on.

    I’ve had enough of this, so won’t be buying until the DLC until or unless the value matches the price.

    • While I think it’s fine they are announcing new maps already, I totally agree with your other point – why are they locking the maps to a single game type? Its stupid they have several maps that cover multiple game-types. It’s just comes off as being lazy.

      I know BF:BC2 did the same, but later released versions of the maps that could be played on any gametype. Hopefully GG will do the same – FREE OF CHARGE.

      Also when I want to play them I’ll be stuck in a one map rotation with no other maps coming up. This is due to the fact that not everyone will have them, making them rather obsolete.

      Also my favourite map can only be found in Guerrilla Warfare, namely Kaznan Jungle. Awesome design, but since I don’t want to play GW, I’ll never play it. Stop limiting yourselves GG, and it right.

      • I’m not against month 1 DLC, but the way that companies go about it is just so incredibly stupid. As you say, it’s instantly fragmenting the player base, and for what reason?

        Publishers should start adopting a good will policy. BF:BC2 tried it with the map revisions, but that fell flat, because all those map changes felt they should have been on the disc anyway. Even so, all maps released in the first month or two should be free or very cheap.

        I bet these two maps will be £4/$5/€5 as the Retro pack was, and that’s too expensive for my tastes considering their limitations. So I won’t be buying if that’s the price.

      • To teflon, DLC does not split the player base. Everyone has access to the maps that come on the disc. Those maps are the ones most played anyway, unless you set your preferences to favor the DLC maps. The only downside is that you can buy the maps, and if enough others don’t follow suit, you may not get your money’s worth. I can’t wait to get these though.

    • @ teflon:

      I hate seeing how the BF: BC 2 lie is still the truth. Those maps “for free” WERE in the disc (or the most of them). They were locked. We all payed for them when we bought the game, and we should have been able to play them from the very beginning.

      On topic, it would be ridiculous if Junkyard it’s not playable in Warzone.

  3. why didnt they just put it on the disk? its been anounced on the release date, bit harsh

    • The game went gold lika a month ago, so ofcourse they start work on a DLC and will prabably release in march.

      One thing i think is bad is their are only one game mode on each map. WHY??? I want Operation ans why can’t Guerrilla Warfare be on stahl arms?

  4. It’s bollocks that they’re releasing it as DLC, when it should have been on the disk in the first place. This is a joke of the highest order.

    • I don’t agree. For the DLC to be on the disc, the game would have had to have been released at a later date. Doing it this way means that you get the game released earlier and you get the extra content which was created between the game going gold, and the game being released.

      The issue that I have is that since it is extra content, you will be paying for the game and then the DLC on top of that (unless it’s free, but I highly doubt that). Of course buying the DLC is optional (as is buying the game), and maybe the content would not have been created if the DLC route was not available for the devs. There is of course a cost to providing DLC (I would have thought it to be significantly less than disc-based content). Though, if a company can charge prices like 4 quid for a couple of maps (or maybe a t-shirt), and have many of the games owners fork out the money, then of course the company is going to do just that.

      I think it will just take time for more people to come round to the idea, and to understand that it is (probably) not content that has been held back, but new content that has been created during the time they had after the game was finished, and before the start of their next project.

      The only problem that I really see is some gamers enjoyment of a game might be lessened by not having DLC (though this does often vary depending on implementation), for example:

      You buy a game, so does you friends, everyone’s happily killing each other, but then your mates buy the DLC, you don’t want to/can’t afford it, anyway yet again your happily killing your buddies, until that is, the next map is a DLC one, suddenly you can’t continue to maim your pals, so you throw your controller at the TV and brake both :-(

      That was based on a (probably) true (for someone) story, anyway the point is that DLC causes TVs to brake, well it’s either that or game devs really do need to implement DLC in a way that removes or at least minimizes these kinds of issues (by doing things like providing vanilla servers, and maybe some chocolate ones too).

  5. I’ve never had a problem with a studio releasing DLC separately so close to the retail release. Is what you’re getting on the disc value for money? Yes. Does the studio want to make a profit so they can stay in business and make more games? Yes.

    I find the attitude of “I should get everything! And it should be free!” quite incredulous to be honest.

    Games industry. There’s a hint there.

    • Don’t try and use reason and logic, can’t you see we’re OUTRAGED! ;)

      I blame GeoHot for their attitude. And AIDS.

    • With piracy & pre-owned games, DLC is a way that games companies can be sure they’ll make money.

    • Your totally right Kovacs, and I agree with you.
      However, such reasonability works the other way too, its a bit inconsiderate for the announcement to be made today.

      • Why is it inconsiderate? It’s the perfect time to announce DLC as the game has a lot of media focus due its launch.

        Bottom line: if people don’t want the DLC, don’t buy it. If people are enraged that a company is trying to make a profit, don’t buy the product. That’ll show ’em. Right?

      • Not really. The problem, that I can see, is that announcing DLC when the game is only just out, can make it quite annoying to people, if they think the maps should have been on the disk in the first place. Will I get it? Yes, but I think they should’ve waited a month AFTER release to announce the DLC.

      • It’s definitely inconsiderate, and essentially self-defeating, as the vast majority of gamers now feel short-changed. I’d agree that that is not the case, but you can’t help how people are feel about or how they’ve interpreted this announcement, and just because they don’t agree with your view doesn’t make them wrong.
        Surely Guerrilla Games know the industry well enough to realise how gamers around the world would interpret this announcement, at this time, on this day. Would it have made that much difference to the DLC sales announcing it next Friday instead of today, I dont think it would have.
        I certainly find this annonucement inconsiderate of people who have pre-ordered the game.

      • @BrendanCalls

        Wait, what? It’s especially inconsiderate for the people who have pre-ordered how? As Kovacs has said, how does announcing DLC in any way devalue the game you already have?

        You wouldn’t happen to be Gen Y would you? ;)

      • I find that quite insulting actually, smiley or not!

        It is even more insulting that you have called me out but you clearly don’t read or possibly understood my comments I have stated twice I agree with Kovac’s, in order to try an avoid your type of comment.
        What I am saying is that Guerilla Games should know their target audience and be mindful of the reaction such an announcement will have particularly amongst those who frequent less than mature forums.

    • It’s completely reasonable for them to announce and release DLC whenever they want. It will come down to how much they demand for two new maps. Personally, if at all, I wouldn’t pay more than 1€ per map as DLC, especially if they are locked into a single MP mode.

  6. I agree with Kovacs.
    Also nobody is forced to buy these DLC map packs etc. If you don’t agree with them just don’t buy them.

    • I also agree with Kovaks & Smallville. I keep seeing Killzone/Guerilla hate on message boards from people who clearly have no technical knowledge, no idea of the sheer volume of effort required to make a game or how to play it when they get it.

      • Gaming is a totally interactive media that allows the user to enjoy it as they please, how someone plays a game when they get it has no bearing on this discussion

    • Well in some way you are a bit forced because if you don’t have the map packs then you can’t play with everyone.

      • But everyone who has the DLC also has the vanilla maps as part of the game so, no, you can still play with everyone. You just can’t play with some people some of the time when they are playing the DLC maps.

        Are you really negatively impacted by not having these maps? In my opinion, not really. If anything, it’s marginal.

      • @ Kovacs:

        Your point about everyone having the base maps is valid but it depends on how the matchmaking system works.

        If it does a Call of Duty (especially World at War) system then you’ll be kicked out of all lobbies/matchmaking for not having the newer maps.

        If it does a Halo Reach matchmaking then you’ll always be matched to people with the same maps as you.

      • @monty 2K

        Pretty sure Killzone uses dedicated servers. KZ2 did. Why don’t we wait and see how they sort this out, I’m pretty sure GG have thought this through long and hard before you and I started to ponder the implications.

      • @ JesseDeya:

        I don’t think it does. I’ve had “Master session unavailable” come up a couple of times – the game has paused and not let me do anything. Isn’t that exactly like P2P connections?

  7. Been to get my lunch, just visited Morrisons and they have all gone!

    Gonna have to try Game in the White Rose this aft – must have Kz3 today

  8. It would be awe-to-the-some if they made this discounted straight up for Plus subscribers.

  9. Got mine from Asda on the way to work… Can I go home now…?

  10. Heavy Helghast Rain?

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