New Fable III Expansion Announced

A new Fable III expansion was just announced and dated at Microsoft’s pre-GDC conference. The expansion is to be titled ‘Traitor’s Keep’ and will include three new levels filled with quests for players to embark upon. The new levels are named ‘Ravenscar Keep’, ‘Clockwork Island’ and ‘Godwin Estate’. Traitor’s Keep will be launching on March 1 for 560 Microsoft points and increases Fable III’s total gamerscore by 250 points. You can find a handful of screens for the new expansion, below.

Source: CVG



  1. Why does there seem to be a Victorian Mr Handy in these shots?

  2. Another Fable 3 expansion? That is MEAN!

  3. Sounds great and this is one game that makes me really disappointed that I sold my 360.
    Also, screen 10 is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen for a while. Terrifying.

    • Ha! That is about as wrong as it gets.

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