Fable III Is Free On Xbox Live

Fable III has appeared as a free download on the Xbox Live Marketplace, down from the original price of £29.99. Through the official website it does look like you have to change your payment option to MS Points. You also have to have a Gold membership to access it.

I’m downloading it right now and I doubt this is a mistake on Microsoft’s part on the day of their E3 conference. There could be a number of reasons why it’s free on a day like today.


First, this could be something to appease people who have been up in arms about the Xbox One restrictions. Two, it could be a marketing ploy to drum up interest in the Fable series. After all, the original is getting a HD makeover. Maybe Fable IV will be announced tonight.

Thirdly, and this theory is the most interesting, Microsoft are getting ready to announce a service similar to Sony’s PlayStation Plus. Microsoft must have seen just how popular PS Plus has become and how it has done wonders for Sony’s reputation. Announcing a similar feature tonight, and having it go live on the Xbox 360 immediately could be beneficial in pulling back some interest.

Fable III’s file size is 5.61GB so give it a bit of time to download if you’re going to get it.

We’ll find out this evening exactly what Microsoft has up their sleeve and you’ll be able to get all the information on the site as we report it all live.

Source: NeoGAF/Xbox



  1. oh, it needs gold, that’s why i couldn’t get it.

    oh well, i’ve got it on disc.

  2. “Microsoft are getting ready to announce a service similar to Sony’s PlayStation Plus”

    This is most likely: I recently filled a MS survey where they asked about how much better Plus is (or isn’t) compared to Live.

    • I’m surprised it’s taken them this long to even think about a similar service.

  3. If Microsoft do offer their own version of PS+ then I’d certainly consider getting Gold membership, until then I just can’t justify the cost when I get so much from Sony.

  4. If they give a few games free with gold membership (at no additional cost) then they’ve made the service a while lot more attractive & value for money.

  5. Even seeing it’s free, i’m still not interested in it.Broken promises on just what would be in 1st 2 games put me right off the series.

    MS looking at something similar to PS+, hmnnn.this is the same MS that has me paying for Gold, despite the service being riddled with adverts everywhere i go on the dash, if they are looking to put an extra layer on Gold, i expect an extra price put on top.

  6. Really don’t think MS will do this. They’ve got too many people paying for multiplayer alone!

  7. I can see why they would offer something similar. Sony has barely put a foot wrong with the PS+ service.

  8. my issue here (and i could be wrong) is i only have a 4g hard drive and last time I looked i think it used to be about £80 for a 20g hard driver (i’m assuming prices have improved!) while my PS3 640G hard driver cost £40 on an offer I found.
    Anyone know any ways to get a cheap xbox hard drive?

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