DCUO: Batcave Raid Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment’s super-powered MMO DC Universe Online received quite a substantial update this week. Aside from the long-awaited auction houses and the bizarre Valentine’s world event, SOE also dropped in a new 8-player raid which takes place in the Batcave.C


Just getting back into DCUO? Then check out our update post, listing some of the new features added/tweaked in the latest patch. Be sure to check out our in-depth review too.



  1. I saw batcave and thought it was news about Batman Arkham City. Looks like fun but hasn’t convinced me to buy it.

    • It’s Endgame content, so not a lot to entice new players, but it’s good to see the guys at SOE are cramming DCUO with new content.

  2. SOE needs to hijack someone from Blizzards naming apartment. Id rather raid the Bastion of Twilight than the Batcave :O

  3. Coolio. Might pick this up in the near future.

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