3DS Shifts 370,000 In Two Days

Famitsu [via GAF] is claiming sales for Nintendo’s brand new 3DS console have numbered over 370,000 in the first two days of it going on sale.

The actual figure, 371326, represents a decent launch for the 3DS, but it’s the top selling game, Professor Layton with 117589 units shifted, that’s the real surprise.


And surely an indication to Nintendo of Europe that that’s the launch title we all should have had.

We’ll have our first (post Amsterdam) impressions of the 3DS very soon.



  1. Agreed. Had Layton have been a launch title here, I’m sure I’d have been awaiting a 3DS right now.
    The launch games available are by no means bad but I couldn’t see a system seller among them.

    • My thoughts exactly. I may leave it a couple of weeks/months to decide whether to buy one. The techy inside my wants it as soon as possible though.

      • Yeah they really should have more launch titles for Europe and the US, but I have a feeling it will sell well anyway.

      • Yes, its a bit lacklustre to me I don’t think theres any RPGs at launch which is a bit disappointing.

  2. I’m very interested to see how it does in Europe. Japan is Nintendo/handheld crazy, but over here not so much.

  3. A better launch than the DSi but way off the original DS. Feels about right. :-)

  4. The 3d is going to make or break it for me – I hope its good

  5. I don’t know why but Nintendo handheld games devices don’t interest me.

  6. Eh… sad that I will have to wait for a few great games so theres no point for me buying a 3DS at launch unless the demand would be insane.

    The PSP still has some life though with the potental Western release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Freedom 3), DD (012) Final Fantasy, Patapon 3 and er… I don’t really know more but the summer 2011 line-up is sure to be great until 3ds gets a lot of god-like games.

  7. What? 3DS is out?? I really want it for the Pokemon games but then again I want iPad 2 and PS3 games. Good thing NGP and iPhone 5 isn’t out yet so I can save up for them as well.

    • as far as i know none of the pokemon games support the 3ds yet , and as the most recent iteration is just coming out its gonna be at least 5 months till theres even the possibility of one made for the 3ds.

  8. Im waiting for the NGP personally

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