Guitar & DJ Hero: New DLC on the Way

The story so far: The Guitar Hero series got cancelled and so did DJ Hero. ‘No profit, it’s not called Call Of Duty Hero,’ said Activision and promptly sacked lots of people from their business divisions.

‘Boo!’ said the fans.


‘Are you annoyed?’ asked Activision, slightly shocked by the cries of anguish. It then checked with its 3 million followers on Facebook.

Yes, you are a bit upset,’ concluded Activision.

Activision then sat down, had a nice up of tea, a chocolate Hob-nob and had a bit of a think. Then they nipped back on Facebook and posted this message on the Guitar Hero page:

Thank you for being a part of this community and all 3 MILLION of you rock! In thanks for your continued support, we’ve decided to celebrate by releasing some more downloadable content. Details coming soon…

Meanwhile over on the DJ Hero Twitter feed the following was tweeted:

Thanks for being a member of our community. In recognition of your continued support, we’ve decided to release more DLC! Details soon!


Source: DJ Hero Twitter Feed / Guitar Hero on Facebook



  1. Call me a cynic but surely they won’t be keeping this up for too long?

    • they might. you can save the cost of making a full game this way while still making money off of a few songs everynow and then. people are more willing to buy a song they like for a $1 rather than $60 for only a handfull of songs they like and the exact same gameplay as the last game.

    • Does seem like someone at Acti (maybe Bobby, maybe not) might have gone “hmm, how can we appease the masses?? I know – DLC. That’ll keep ’em quiet for a while”!
      I am of course kidding & i hope this isn’t the case. I also hope the DLC is cheaper (although i doubt it!).

  2. Ok … i dont get companies, kind of going back on there word. If its dead, its dead, stop work on it

  3. i kind of expected them to keep selling the dlc.
    i wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t plan on stopping any time soon either, don’t spend any money developing new games just sell more songs for the ones already out.

  4. I’m from Oslo, believe me when I say the fjords are overrated.

    • Not even worth a little pine?

    • Ja når oslofjorden er den eneste du har sett kan jeg skjønne deg, men de andre fjordene er fine.

  5. Still sounds like they are trying to squeeze the last drops of milk out of it. Activision makes more then enough to support at least 4 franchises. Why do i get the feeling that the DLC will be 1 song for £9.99? Just leave it’s corpse alone Acti as you will end up getting sick.:P

  6. Great article again TC!

  7. Just bought DJ Hero (the first one) last week , really enjoying it, I’ll be picking up DJ Hero 2 at some point.

    I just wish there was a lot more DLC at lower prices, but I guess that’s my thought about in music prices in general, hence why I don’t buy any.

    • The first one was good (i wasn’t expecting much, but i was pleasantly surprised), but i am pleased to inform you that the second one is even better!
      The freestyle sections in the second one (samples, scratches & crossfades) really help you you to feel like you have some control over what is happening (even though you still really don’t!). I would wholeheartedly recommend if you are enjoying the first one.

      • Cheers (and thanks for the PM)

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