PopCap Hits Volume 2 Coming In March

It’s funny how things work out. Take TSA’s recent review of PopCap Hits, in which Peter stated he would rather have seen Zuma and Plants vs. Zombies included on the disk. No sooner had that been published, PopCap has announced that PopCaps Hits Volume 2 will be hitting the shelves on March 11th featuring, you’ve guessed it, Zuma and Plants vs. Zombies.

Also included is Heavy Weapon, and Feeding Frenzy 2, so already it’s looking to be worth the price (which has been described as a ‘mid-price point’).

Source: Press Release



  1. I feared this was the case. Spreading your four great games out with four mediocre ones to bulk up two collections makes sense from a business angle, I suppose…

  2. Why didn’t they just them all on one disc, add a platinum trophy and sell it for £40?

    • cus its 360 only i think :(

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