‘Alice: Madness Returns’ Dated

It has been confirmed that ‘Alice: Madness Returns’ will be hitting the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on June 14th (we’re assuming a June 17th release on this side of the pond).


Taking place ten years after the original, the game sees Alice take a disturbed trip through a twisted version of Wonderland as she struggles to overcome the trauma of losing her entire family in a fire. Bright and cheery is most certainly isn’t.

Source: CVG



  1. This game does sound seriously twisted. I’ve been quite intrigued by the CG trailers that they’ve released so far. Would like to see what the actual gameplay is like soon though.

  2. Sweet. I loved the original, it brings back fond memories of me playing it on a crowded laptop at school. Please be good!

    • Yeah same here! The weird bits in Arkham Asylum reminded me of this too. Bring on the weird.

  3. Always was intrested in the orginal however i never got it.

    So if this looks to be ok I may invest

  4. Something different… I might give this a butchers. I wouldn’t mind seeing some in-game footage first though.

  5. Never even heard of this.

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