Battlefield 3 Footage is PC, Consoles Scale Well

When it comes to showcasing your new baby, it’s hardly surprising for proud parents to produce their little bundle of joy looking his or her absolute best. Hence, it has been confirmed that the recent Battlefield 3 footage is from the PC build. Like there was any other possibility.

But what of the inevitable console versions? Speaking to Joystiq, DICE executive producer Patrick Bach has touched upon the studio’s new Frostbite engine, noting how the tech will hold up on lesser powered platforms. Bach states:


We’re streaming all the data. There’s not a single frame where nothing streams. From textures to objects to weapons to sounds and animations … it scales down pretty well. All of the core systems will use streaming, so it’s more of a question of how often you have to stream, and how big are those packages. The engine is built with that taken into account.

Check out the full article for more details, including how DICE now believe they’ve gotten pretty good at single-player campaigns thanks to their time with Bad Company. There’s also some talk of the expected longevity of the snazzy Frostbite 2.0 engine. Bach claims:

I wouldn’t be surprised we saw four, five games on this engine.

Finally, check out some new screens we’ve been sent by EA.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Sounds interesting. I’d thought it’d be the PC build, it always is.

  2. Interesting they mentioned the streaming tech, pretty sure the PC version will just be streaming higher quality assets than the console versions will (depending on resources & settings chosen of course) a lot of PC gamers problems is that when a game is designed for console they just end up with upscaled 720p assets stretched to whatever super-high resolution their system supports, but a game which is designed with the PC in mind will benefit all platforms.

    This looks fantastic and it will look fantastic on consoles because we’re used to games running at 720p and 20to30fps, and whilst this will probably still run at 720p with a max framerate of ~30 then evolution of the engine will make everything look great… The Frostbite 1.5 engine looked damn good anyway so an improvement on this will be awesome

    • Almost all console games are below HD due to the fact that frame rates drop massively. You need a good engine to keep 720p running.

      • Aye, then you also get some games which are 1080p and maintain 60 frames per second very well, not to mention GT5 has AA which we know the PS3 isn’t that good at.

  3. lol if you look at the video it says wasd on it

    • the keyboard layout on a qwerty w a s d

      • Yeah I noticed that too. I thought it looked far too good to be a console version. look at how Crysis 2 turned out on PS3, not good :S

  4. I’m half tempted to by medal of honour just so I can get in the beta for this when its out

    • Your username reminds me of MGS3. Double-O-Snake, aha, Major Zero was crazy cool :P

  5. I’m sorry, but I hate preference to a certain console with any developer. Fair enough if it is an exclusive like Killzone or Halo, but with Activision milking Xbox, DICE milking PC, Ubisoft milking PS3 (see I’m not biased :P) Its just wrong imo.

    • It’s wrong to lead on a particular console and screw over everyone else, but leading on the PC and downscaling for consoles us the best option.

      Leading on one console is like making a low res image and needing to upscale it. You should make it larger than required and downscale to suit.

      • I say lead on ALL consoles

        I’m sorry but 24 players to 64 just doesn’t cut it

      • No dedicated servers = not a lot of players.

        That’s largely out of the developers hands.

  6. There’s a presentation later today about BF3 deferred shading to the Cell….theyre using it properly :)

  7. Mmmmmm… DirectX 11…

  8. Just hope my PC rig can run this :/

    • Mine won’t :(
      Been toying with the idea of building a new rig from scratch for a while, this may just push me into action lol

      • You can get a decent rig for £500 easy!

  9. Really hope it turns out well on consoles. Hopefully it will.

  10. Screenshots look fantastic. Really enjoyed BC2, hopefully this will match or even exceed my expectations

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