New Battlefield 3 Gameplay Video

Strap yourself in, we’ve got the first in-game footage for Battlefield 3 ready for your viewing pleasure. Below is a 3 minute video of the single player mission that was demoed behind closed doors to select members of the gaming press a few weeks ago. DICE have finally released it to the public and it looks absolutely astonishing.

They promised an almost generational leap in the graphics department and based on this video, I can see why they were so confident. Pay close attention to the lighting and the soldier’s animations, as they’re both particularly impressive.

Source: YouTube via EA



  1. awesome !

  2. Damn, this looks really good.

  3. This looks amazing, i think it may be PC footage though?

    • 99% certain that will be PC footage. Let’s hope the PS3 version isn’t far off because that looks AMAZING!

      • 100%
        1080p, the AA, DX11 level lighting & the framerate, very different from a consoles 720p30 and texture detail equivalent to medium-high, as opposed to what’s probably ultra-high here.

        Still, looks freakin amazing though – good news for gamers that incumbent finally has something to compete with & push even it to the next level.

    • It is definitely PC. Looking closely during the dragging QTE reveals WASD on screen.

  4. By the power of Greyskull….

    • lol, u said it dude
      the npc motion is so lifelike, like the tru-motion 200hz mode on my tv, but minus the ghost i get when its on.
      damn uLG, god bless you Dice.

  5. That actually surprised me how good that looks, graphically really puts black ops to shame. Surely it can’t hold up that level in mp though? My interest in this game has just increased :-)

  6. Wooooowwwweeee. That is amazing. Hope the PS3 version looks anywhere near as good as this.

  7. THAT video makes Call Of Duty Black Ops look like DOOM on the SNES

  8. Holy hell, it DOES look next-gen! :O

  9. Dang. The next CoD is going to have to do more than just the fifth rehash of the same old engine.

  10. Oh my.

    • God. There is going to be a bit of a fight when it is time to chose who has to review Battlefield 3.:P

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