Crysis 2 PS3 Multiplayer Demo Dated

At long last a multiplayer demo for the PlayStation 3 version of Crysis 2 has been dated. Both PC and Xbox 360 have already had this for quite a while, but as of March 15th fans of Sony’s black box will be able to get in on the action. The date mentioned is for the US, so we will chase up an EU date for you.


The full game will be hitting stores on March 25th in the UK.

Source: VG247



  1. wtf.. i was hoping it would come 2moro.. im little upset right now…

  2. Cool, not too far off. I’ve got a US account for stuff like this so will be picking this up, want to know what the fuss is about.

    • Same here got a US account so i would not have to wait for demo’s or psn games

  3. PC demo came out yesterday. To be frank; its awful from a PC perspective. Looks the same if not worse than the original, very narrow FOV, and sterile, clunky gameplay and controls. Cryteks preaching that each game is developed individually for the platform is certainly not true for the PC demo, it says press start to begin at the menu for one thing :/

  4. Ive got this on preorder for the PS3 but played the 360 multiplayer demo yesterday and was pretty disappointed with it to be honest. I know it’s a beta but the P2P gameplay for 6v6 was bad. I was hoping for servers for the consoles. I may just cancel the preorder and pick it up cheaper later for the single player story.

  5. Was going to pre order this. I’ll wait for a bit I think. At least till I play the demo.

  6. I downloaded the PC demo yesterday, disappointed as my dualshock 3 wasn’t even recognised (even with correct drivers and DirectX based controls!)
    I liked how I was getting 80-90 fps on a graphics card which is apparently ‘mid range’ (turned res up and i was getting 30 ish)

    I can honestly say when it was 80-90 you can tell how much a difference framerate really makes, but Crysis 2 is ALSO a good example of that graphics aren’t everything, now I understand why PC gamers are angry at Crytek.

  7. Finally! I’ve heard though that the 360 demo had a lot of problems, hopefully they will have already been fixed in the PS3 demo.

  8. Awesome, really looking forward to this!

  9. Be good to give this a try, needs to be pretty good to sell me on it though from what i’ve seen to far i’m not too bothered.

  10. Why are they releasing a demo then .. I will be far too hooked on Dragon Age II to want to bother with this

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