GT5 Mid-Race Saving In Development

Colloquially referred to as “arse-destroyers” around these parts, Gran Turismo 5’s endurance races really do test the mettle of Polyphony’s fans. Though professing a love for the game on Twitter, player andrepeniche has mentioned to GT5 creator Kazunori Yamauchi that he or she just can’t invest the hours required for these gruelling and time-consuming endurance events.


Kaz’s response? He has a solution.


Or, “I’m sorry. Saving during a race is currently in development. ” Good news for those of us who have a life. Or, you know, those of us who don’t even have the time to install the bloody game.

Thanks Pesico



  1. This is going to be a god send. I was about to start the endurance series but I think I’ll hold out for the patch. Here’s hoping it is soon!

  2. I’ve been unintentionally avoiding GT5 lately because the seasonals changed so much and I knew career wise I was going to have to start those monstrous endurance races very soon. So this is great news!

  3. Yay, read this on GTPlanet yesterday and it’s great news. To be honest in its current state I was simply not going to bother with anything longer than the 5 hour endurance for A-Spec. I just don’t want to leave my console paused for the amount of time I would need to in order to get the longer ones completed.
    This means I will actually do them now so it’s a properly useful patch

  4. oh thank god, now i might actually finish A Spec :)

  5. I’m still doing a B-Spec on 24hrs Le Mans – going to leave it running today after work as I’m away to the pub tonight and it will be done tomorrow after I finished work which should get me to level 40 by then.
    Will leave the A-Spec as playing for 4hrs can be a bit bore!

  6. Hahaha lol lite-weight’s………….Kaz up the ExP and Money for them aswell.

    • *lightweight


    • “aswell” should be separated into two words as well.

  7. Hope its soon, this feature is important for endurances….

  8. This will be a most welcome feature. I’ve only done 3 of the shorter endurances so far, so this will encourage me to tackle the longer ones. :)

  9. I have the final three endurance races to go, was planning to do the final two like a real endurance race with two friends doing stints over the 24 hours. may still do this.

    The saving is a good addition though.

  10. Yeah. On top of making the races approachable, since the seasonal races changed so much not offering the credit or XP they once did, this will be really useful.

    • Their are still Seasonal races like the original ones, the others are more like new A-Spec races, they can be redone unlike the high credit seasonals.

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