CoD To Continue Using The Same Engine?

Ever since the launch of Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty games have been using the same engine, modified for each new version. That won’t be changing in the immediate future according to Infinity Ward figurehead, Robert Bowling. In a recent tweet, a fan stated that CoD needed a new engine, built from the ground up. This was Bowling’s reply:

“That would be counter productive. An engine takes years and years to develop and get right.”

I don’t want to take his words out of context so to be clear, he doesn’t actually say they’re not in the process of building a new one for the future but based on this quote, I think it’s safe to say that the next Infinity Ward-related Call of Duty project will be running on good ole’ Bessy. Tried, true and old, but reliable.

Source: CVG via Twitter



  1. It’s an accepted engine, a new one wouldn’t mean more sales so its pointless. Perception marketing is an amazing thing, the number of people who think the Duty games are the best looking in existence never ceases to amaze me.

    • Yeah. Developing a new one would mean that they had to spend more money. They already know everyone will buy this game anyways, even if they keep their engine for another 5 COD games. Why bother and go the extra mile? :P

  2. COD players/fanboys might get a shock when they play Battlefield 3 or BFBC2 multiplayer…

    • problem is, they’re that far up COD’s arse they won’t even give it a shot… missing out big time!

    • BFBC2 was great, still found myself returning to MW2’s multiplayer. If it wasnt for the hackers, I’d still be playing MW2 now. Can’t wait until they patch the game

      • same here, I just prefer mw’s online gameplay over battlefields.

  3. “An engine takes years and years to develop” – God no! How would they churn out clone game within 12 months if they were bothering themselves with trifling things like innovation

  4. Cod uses same engine?
    Cod uses same game.
    Every year.

    • True, and the engine keeps the look and feel familiar (which is good as its an established and well liked brand I guess). I reckon they’ll go back to the World Wars again pretty soon, then after that who knows? Colonial, medievil, Romans, Babylonians, cavemen? The only certainty is that the Americans will win each game :)

      • Cavemen of Duty?? lol
        Love it!

    • it is different everyyear, one yr its great, next yr not so.
      as one developer is apparently less talented than the other.

      one yr i get a tweaked cod i love, the next i miss out. (last yr, being the yr i get robbed & goodness knows what will be served up this yr with 3devs on 1game. there has been minimal consistency throughout the whole series, disgusting.)

      @TURRICAN-808. i own both from release day, they both inevitability have good & bad points, both far from perfect.
      i wont list the flaws, but there’s plenty, on both sides of the fence & this is the point, there are two sides to this age old debate, both with their own merits & both with their downfalls, but some people are in a state of mind, they only see &or acknowledge one side.

      • edit. everyyear – every year
        hate db posting, but at the risk of appearing illiterate & no edit feature, i am left with no choice.

  5. yeah, a tried and true formula but a stale one…

    BF caught my attention last iteration and from the video i saw yesterday it will continue to be my FPS of choice

  6. lol – this doesn’t surprise me at all. Of course they wont, people still buy the game, whether its rubbish or not or uses the same engine.
    If they were to build it up from scratch and use it for the subsription game they have been on about, then it might be worth while for them and the players who love it. Could make it alot nice to look at and play too.

  7. It’s true why bother when millions buy it anyway! But I still believe a new engine is in the works!

  8. Though I loved CoD 4 and did buy later editions, I hope their milking out will come back like a boomerang. They really pushed it way too far.

    BF3 is looking so much better.

  9. The thing is until somebody comes out with a cross platform engine that blasts the CoD one out of the water they won’t need to change. Here’s hopping Battlefield can do it!

    • Well, the PC version is certainly impressive.

  10. Some great effects at work in the engine & the fact it runs at 640p means the effects dial can be turned up to 11 and it runs at double the frame rate than the rest of the games which run at 20-30fps. IMO it’s other franchises that need to be updated to match this, a real tangible difference to playability, not the fact that the back side of a rock has a special shadow texture which you can’t see anyway.

    I think after the sabotage of MW3 & the drafting in of Raven & Sledgehammer just to get the game produced in the 1st place would always mean a new engine was never on the table.

    • Blops runs at lower than 640, doesn’t it? I thought I remembered reading 544 for the PS3 version.

      • Yeah I remember that too, but it doesn’t look nearly as chunky as say GTA4. Who needs HD anyway, pah.

      • I agree with mcphatty here, it doesn’t look have as unHD as GTAIV does.

    • Those numbers are only for consoles, right? PC gamers have the liberty to enjoy other engines at higher framerates.

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