Battlefield 3 Gameplay Video

This week at San Francisco’s Game Developer Conference EA/DICE have been showing off Battlefield 3.

First we had the official gameplay footage released by EA on Wednesday and now we have some off-screen cam footage. As with all cam footage, the quality is variable but we do get to see enough of the action to raise our already heightened interest levels.

Source: YouTube.



  1. Just god damned awesome.

  2. Wow, if they can get it running on the consoles while looking that good we definitely don’t need new consoles for ages!

  3. Fantastic! I just hope it translates well to the PS3 and the SPEs.

  4. Animations, both player and NPC, are looking really nice.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if the jet fighting in this game is better than HAWX knowing how awesome BF2 is!

    • The one aspect that concerns me is how well maps will play that are designed for 64 players but have 24 max on consoles, I know how barren 1/3rd filled maps in other games can feel. Pretty sure they’ll handle it though as it seems like the constrictions were there from the beginning so they’ve probably designed around it. Hopefully

      • Exactly my concern too , hopefully it will be upped to 32 players because so many people will camp for jets on both teams plus all the snipers and we could end up with about 3 vs 3 actual infantry trying to play the game properly and that would be a great shame.
        If it is indeed going to stay 24 players then i would happily have no jets on console .

      • I had never thought about this until you mentioned it in another post, and I agree as in will the game feel right.
        Do you think the maps will be designed for 63 players or 24? It might work if they did it in between but then The PC version will just be bordering on a frag fest while the consoles may feel barren like you said.

        could be a please some or please none scenario….

      • I’d guess the 64 player maps will be changed into Rush maps a la Bad Company 2

  6. Looks awesome. Although didn’t really see the sort of destruction which made BFBC1&2 famous. Just hope they don’t try and beat COD with COD if that makes sense.

  7. I reckon the PS4 will be able to do that. The current consoles will be behind the PC. The XBOX360 will be a bit sharper than the PS3 version, as per usual

    • I think the slightly faded look of cross platform games is due to MS boosting the gamma levels, I may be wrong but its deffo something like that, however edges generally look sharper thanks to some anti-alias advantages – Perhaps the PS3 will get some bonus content on the disc though?

      • I hope DiCE and EA implement the VIP Codes again like BF:BC2 did…
        That, and a PS3 exclusive would be nice, whats the bet it will feature the M1 Gerand again, probably if your Veteran status is highher than 1 or 2 or something

    • I think the PS3 and 360 versions will be on a par.

      DiCE have worked hard on applying the engine to the CELL processor correctly.

  8. looking nice so far, would be good to see some MP action. Hope it looks as nice on the ps3.

  9. this reminds me of playing a zx spectrum at home then getting wow`d at an arcade playing daytona or some shit.if these visualls are like this for the ps3 ill be jizzing in my cacks on release date.even if they r slightly worse itll look amazing.cant beleive im saying this but it makes killzone 3 look pritty poo lol..

  10. Really impressive, looking great. Actually quite hyped for this now, though I’m not much of a first-person-person..Heh..

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