Game To Offer Pre-Orders On Pre-Owned Games

If you don’t want to pre-order a new copy of Crysis 2 and don’t want to have to head into GAME on a whim, hoping that there’ll be a second-hand copy waiting for you, you can now pre-order pre-owned games.

Yes, really.


For what amounts to between a fiver and up to around fifteen quid off the cost of the game brand new, you can now put your name down to get a pre-owned copy of certain big titles any time after a week past the release date.

Such ‘big’ titles will include Fight Night Champion, Dragon Age II, Crysis 2, Homefront and Virtua Tennis 4, effectively saving yourself a few quid but meaning the publishers (and developers) won’t see a cut of the cash.

In addition, you’ll miss out on any Online Passes or content you’d normally only get with a brand new copy.  Here’s an example of Crysis 2 for 360, pre-owned and ready for pre-order, but not even released yet.

MCV have stated that the campaign is running on a ‘trial basis’ at the moment.

Source: Gamerzines.



  1. I think the world has gone (even more) mad…

    • publisher tax is mad in the first place, guess this is just games response

  2. This literally makes no sense. Mind boggling.

    • What? I think it’s a good idea, the loal GAME customers who can only afford pre owned get served better…

  3. Surely the people who pre own games want the game at release, at which time there are no preowned copies in stores? Do people really care about £5 so much that they’ll preorder a preowned game?

    • yes, if there are no incentives to buy a game new, i know plenty of people that wouldnt mind waiting a few weeks and saving the money for a couple of pints that evening

  4. O_o never imagined this would happen.

  5. The word bizarre, instantly springs to mind. Not a good example they are sending out.

    • an off topic afterthought/idea.
      a lvl bar that indicates how close you are to prestige lol. i’d put this, along with my edit post feature in the community ideas section, but my browser won’t allow me to do so.

      (just when i was about to reach 1,000 points :( . thought there might’ve been a thread re the reason behind new lvl system & how it works)

      • Might have misunderstood but there is a bar. Its to the right of the screen where the latest comments, and forum posts are. There is a bar there.

      • @kjkg, i just noticed the new layout after post when looking for meets, which looks better now.
        i still, as i initially thought, that the space next to your lvl indicator on your, is perfect for that same bar to be placed. wondering how reward system will work for competitions.

        sorry for cluttering your thread Alex, but with a 10yr old ps3 browser & no thread, whats a boy supposed to do:)

  6. this have to be a bad effect, i mean, anytime you go into a game store, there is usually always a stack of preowned copies of a recently released big games, knowing this, a lot of people will opt for this pre-order pre-owned shite and publishers will lose out. Pre-owned in my mind has historically been a market for people that come a long quite a while after the fact and go ‘oh, that looks like a good game, its not on the shelves brand new any more’

    even more incentive for more and more online passes, content for brand new purchases etc.

    • even more incentive for more and more online passes, content for brand new purchases etc.
      basically having the opposite effect to Games’ desired outcome, more passes/dlc, basically shooting themselves in the foot.
      in the long-term making pre-owned less desirable, for the pre-owned buyer.

      • Eventually you will need the code to make the game work. GAME really are taking the piss, they will be the ones to lose out in the end.

  7. Mind-bogglingly useless offer.

    • wow, they are even showing as double reward points!! this is just ridiculous

      • Any pre-order at game gets double reward points, always has

  8. I noticed this on their website yesterday and just presumed it must’ve been a mistake. If GAME etc keep coming up with these ideas to boost pre-owned game sales then developers may stop working as hard on projects or not bother at all and then where will GAME be?

    I bought my PS3 about 18 days ago. I bought it from GAME because my sister’s GAME card had 47.50 on it to use from when she had a Wii and DS. I have never felt so badgered in all my life. They pestered me to buy pre-owned games. The guy even had the cheek to say that the pre-owned PS3 discs were actually new. When I questioned that he then said ‘oh well you know the discs have a protective layer on them so are as good as new.’
    I was in there about 20 mins in total and was just pestered to buy pre-owned instead of new and to take out their cover plan.
    I’ll never buy anything from there again.

    • Sorry about the rant lol

    • Yup, you need to keep your guard up in GAME.

      I was after a DSi early December for my son for Christmas and asked about them in GAME. The guy made some statement about my son’s hands likely being too small for a DSiXL and that there was no real need for a DSI, meaning that I should plump for a standard DS. The chap then let me know that I could make a huge saving on a DS as they only had pre-owned available… Feeling like I’d just been turned over by a used car salesman I said ‘No tar’ and walked out.

      • Game are a bit of a joke. I had the same problem recently. Come back from my honeymoon on Monday, went straight to Game to buy KZ3. I had to be quick because the “wife” was waiting in the car on a yellow line. The bloke after I bought it, said, is there any thing else I want..I said no thank you…then he says, “you do know that you can bring in an old game and get money for them” I said yes I do thanks.

        He then asks if I had any, I say no, he says, well is anything you think you might want for cheap as we have them all pre owned in store…

        I was so amazed and confused at the same time, I didn’t know what to say and just walked out baffled.

        Why are they pushing them so much? Doesn’t make sense.

    • “If GAME etc keep coming up with these ideas to boost pre-owned game sales then developers may stop working as hard on projects or not bother at all and then where will GAME be?”

      Developers would be cutting off there own noses to spite there faces, if they didnt work hard then no one would by it in the first place.

    • I see a lot of people complaining about the service they get in GAME, but I have never had a problem. Occasionally they will ask me if I know I can trade a game in, to which I say yes, thanks and leave. I never feel like I am having anything pushed on me. It’s understandable to get annoyed if a shop doesn’t accept your answer and keeps pressing for you to take out a store card or whatever, but I have no issues if they ask and then move on, it is part of their job.

  9. Game has become all about Pre-owned titles now, leeching off little Timmy’s parents who don’t know any better.

    Pre-owned is the only reason this crapping company still exists.

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